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Rambling with Conviction

Jamie Beckett

Jamie Beckett
Florida, USA
December 21
Jamie Beckett, is a resident of central Florida, the United States, Earth. Jamie's first novel, "Burritos and Gasoline," sold beyond the author's wildest dreams, earning enough cold, hard cash to take the entire family out to Denny's - twice! His second work of fiction, a novella called "To the Lifeboats," (available exclusively in eBook format) was released in September 2012. Jamie is an author, a city commissioner, and the humble recipient of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association's 2012 Let's Go Flying award. An avid motorcyclist, dedicated airplane nut, and part-time guitar collector, Jamie is putting serious thought into developing some sort of career plan, as soon as more interesting things become somewhat less interesting.


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MAY 16, 2011 11:10AM

A Mortified Teenager Comes Clean, 35 Years Later


I loved my grandfather like I have never loved any other member of my family. Granddad taught me to swim, to ride a bike, to drive a car, and pilot a boat. I spent at least a month with him every summer, and looked forward to holiday visits as if… Read full post »

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OCTOBER 26, 2009 9:56AM

Because She Said, "Yes."

One of my many professional guises is that of a flight instructor. It's true. I have actually been paid to teach random strangers how to fly an airplane. Together we have practiced taking off, navigating, maneuvering, and landing. Most of my students left the airport with a smile, too. The process… Read full post »