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MARCH 8, 2012 11:30AM

The Family Value of Internet Porn

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I find it interesting, and by interesting, I mean disgusting, that rightwing figurehead Rush Limbaugh, while lambasting Sandra Fluke in the much-lauded "slut" radio bit, hasn't been brought to task for his support of Internet porn.  Not that it's surprising that he enjoys watching the explicit denigration of women or the illegal sex that one engages in while watching it.  No, what surprises me is that the left hasn't taken this ball (ahem) and run with it.  Doesn't he owe some sort of clean-smelling facade to his listeners, the faces of the "family values" party who is pretending such vigilant offense at the idea that women (especially un-married women) might make public their need for birth control?    

Rush stated that he believes that "strong, wholesome family values are at the very core of a productive, prosperous and peaceful society."  We can interpret that what he preaches to his choir means that, like Machiavelli had instructed in his guide to grooming successful, if not evil and destructive, leaders in The Prince, he does not believe his own lies.  This is important in a leader, and make no mistake, Rush Limbaugh is not simply a comedian (because it's funny to call a woman courageously speaking her mind a "prostitute") or a commentator.  His listeners are followers.  They regurgitate whatever slop he feeds them and brings it into society via water-cooler conversations, social media, OpEds.  That Rush had the nerve in his "apology" to spit out that it was disgraceful that the private goings-on in the bedrooms of the constituency are even part of the conversation is laughable.  First, because it is his "family values" party who has sought to center the upcoming election around it.  The ever-changing Republican front-runners are fighting over who is the most "conservative" which used to mean in favor of more private run business and smaller government, but is now simply a platform for anti-brown, gay, and vagina possessing people.

Secondly, the fact that he places himself as the figure-head of family values is ridiculous in so many ways that have been well-documented: married four times, no children, drug addiction, public denigration of women, the ugly hate speech.  And now, in the broadcast heard 'round the world, he professes his love for Internet porn.  "If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex (whaaa?), we want something.  We want you to post the videos online so we can all watch."  As if by completely submerging this Georgetown student in humiliation wasn't enough, he believes she owes society the opportunity to yank itself over the private goings-on in her bedroom that Rush thinks we should have the decency to not even talk about.  

That Rush Limbaugh, while cashing his paychecks for rallying the wholesome people of the U.S., is watching Internet pornography comes as no surprise.  It completely fits his profile of an ugly, hypocritical ideologue.  What's more surprising is that, unlike Mitt Romney's ex-chief of staff, an illegal alien gay lover has yet to step forward to complete the circle of right-wing repression and transference.  Yet, his admitting his penchant for masturbation in the blue-lit screen of his laptop, is another story.  Not only does it challenge his entire ideology, but it shows a brief respite of his message where his true self shines through.  There was never any doubt that he was a misogynist pig, but he's been careful to design his unfortunate railings against such wide hypocritical openings, leaving holes open where the public might wander into his overblown psyche, expecting a well-worn copy of the Constitution, the Bible, maybe the Federalist papers, but finds nothing but hot air.      

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Well said, Jaime. You nailed it. Great post.
Rush Limbaugh is a pathetic excuse for a human being. He doesn't even know the first rule of civilized rhetoric, nor does he have a decent idea in his head to express.
I refuse to even say his name. But I agree with you.
Well, one might suggest Rush is just following in the steps of biblical prophets in denouncing whores and harlots. If one were a fundamentalist cretin, that is. Beyond that the whole of the fundamentalist "moral" crusade is nothing more than an exercise in abject hypocrisy.

I have offered to pay someone, anyone, who will ask Self-Righteous Rick Santorum, the candidate of the Procreationist Party, if he has ever masturbated, or had sex with his wife when she wasn't fertile, or continues to have sex with his wife since she's past child-rearing age?

Questions beyond the pale? No more so than Santorum's pandering to procreationist cretins or Rush pandering to the Howard Stern crowd.
FusunA - agreed!

Bernadine - I love the idea that Rush Limbaugh is Voldemort - He Who Must Not be Named.

Tom - I dare say that people have posed that question to Santorum and the scary part is that I don't even believe he's lying about believing that sex is only for procreation. My hope is that his wife has tools at her disposal...
Is this where I say Rick IS a tool?
Yes, I think this would be the time.
Yep, can only hope he'll self-destruct like Beck.
Whatever happened to Beck anyway Jaime?
Hey Tr ig - Glenn Beck has a subscription-only Internet tv show and he's still on the radio.
Family values politics aside, in the sophomoric world of Rush and his dittoheads, Fox News and their ilk, on line Porn is their primary coping mechanism for their angst from the inexorable shift from 2oth Century male economic and political dominance to a 21st Century with independent women who often make more money than men and refuse to put up with their chauvinist BS... as they say in Texas, "Money talks and BS walks."
Thanks for this. I will be sharing and posting to FB.
They squawk for family values, this cult of his.
They cling to their morality, and Rush mirrors them, thus energizing their morality.
For profit. For power. For : self-aggrandizement ..
Which IS the American way, the rugged Individual, etc.

There is another America which will someday arise, I predict.
It’s actually GOOD that Rush has imploded, as he did.
Error, nonsensical thinking, must be solidified, made apparent, in order to be recognized as sheer idiocy.
Know thy enemy!
It’s been an interesting year…the Conservatives blowing themselves up in a last agonizing pursuit of…the past… the Old America is gone,thank God. The only great thing about America, to be, is what it could be…
a g-damn family!
Odd, isn't funny how those who scream the loudest about morality also want to dictate the choices of other people, while doing the same stuff they whine against. LOL How many people in the "family values coalition" are paying members of Kink.com? (which does not mistreat their employees by the way)

Things that make you go . . . hmmmm.

Let's just say that Rush is such a 'dill weed,' for want of a fouler descrip. Thank goodness, a good chunk of Republicans do not tolerate his self-made crap and are equally as disgusted by him. He has lost most of his advertisers and supporters of late and is hopefully on his way down the same rabbit hole where Glenn Beck has parked his sorry butt in the darkness. Good riddance and all that rubbish.
It's the hypocrisy that's so loathsome. I think he self destructed finally, and that we won't hear from him in five years or so. Let's hope. Fine post, Jaime. Glad to see that you are still around.
I wonder if he's back on the drugs. Well done and R!
jmac - interesting take - as women move further up the food chain from where they've been, these men have to try like hell to push them back down into their place.

Sheila - thanks so much. Like your words often speak to me, I had a feeling this would be up your alley.

James - let's hope Rush has imploded, but there will be another one to take his place.

Lady Miko - Interesting point!!

Cathy - I feel the same way, yet Rush is still out there talking, saying how those advertisers were a drop in the bucket and don't affect him at all. We'll see...

fernsy - I'm still here! Not as often, but you guys are family. xoxox

toritto - You said it, brother. I have no idea what compels people to vote against their own self interest.

Zuma - who the hell knows? I think his drug is an open mike and a venomous heart.

gracious jane - Totes magotes.
Well written piece, clearly thought out, and articulate. Not much more to say. To the controversy at large, I would helpfully add that if we could just mandate others to provide (read:pay for) our contraception AND our internet porn, then we would have an America we could all be proud of. R
Afan - you should run for office on the porn/contreceptive ticket. You've got my vote!
I'll say this a hundred times. The #1 job is to email the Secretary of Defense or get onto the petition site at the White House to take Rushbo off of the Armed Forces Radio Network.

Rush needs to just go off into space and never come back!! Haven't listened or paid attention to him in YEARS.

Wish more people would too!!!
His 15 minutes of fame has gone on way too long!
That's telling em, Jamie! I hope that someday his followers realize what hypocritical and stupid windbag he is.