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July 07
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FEBRUARY 16, 2012 1:45PM

Happy Blogaversery to Me!

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Open Salon has dribbled itself from a place I go to a place that comes to me.  I had it compartmentalized, who I read and interacted with, who my real friends were, and then who were not my real friends, but people I knew through Facebook.  Facebook changed things.  "Friend" became a verb.

On Facebook, I had maybe a handful of people I'd never personally, physically met.  One is Jaimie Franchi, a blogger/writer/English major/mother of two who lives in Canada and "friended" me because our names were so similar.  Turns out, there are a lot of similarities and for a while there, we butted into each other's profiles to comment and chat and get to know each other.  I don't feel like she's a stranger anymore. 

 I discovered Meta Salon Blogatorium a few months ago.  I'm not quite sure, but it must have appeared on one of my OS friend's pages, and I went to investigate.  I was allowed to join.  There I found a mobile community.  OS came closer to my world.  The edges became blurred. 

  I must have "friended" Joan H. first on Facebook.  Although her writing slays me and humbles me, she doesn't intimidate me.  I thought from her posts that she was gentle and kind.  I am right about that.  Right, and still humbled to "know" her.  Though we've never met. From there, I ventured to friend Ann Nichols, whose writing skills and recipes I covet.

  Candace Mann scares the hell out of me.  I discovered her when she made some crack about me on Tr ig's page, commenting on a post he wrote about farting or something.  I had written a post called "Aromatherapy," fueled by the scent of a man who sat next to me on a train, recalling the way my father smelled of cigarettes.  High on an EP,  I went to investigate this Candace.  I favorited her, just to send a little message.  Like, yeah, I see you talkin' bout me.

 Then I read her posts.  I went back to the first one, on Kissing.  Awestruck.  Half in love with her, I kept reading.  I must have read ten posts by the time I got an e-mail telling me Bingo! There is a comment on my blog.  It was from Candace.  She complimented my words.  Knowing where that was coming from, I was high again. 

  Candace is sassy, and gorgeous, and has smarts and attitude and talent.  She is what I wish I was, but can't quite pull off. 

  Responding to a private message I had sent Chicago Guy, he suggested (insisted) that I submit something to a web site called Fictionique, which he asserted had a great editorial presence and would be a good home for my writing.  I did.  I was rejected.  I did again.  I received a personal note from LC Neal telling me what good things she'd heard about me from her assistant editor, Candace.  The Candace.  She told me to keep submitting.  I did.  I looked through my files for some fiction, something that might be great, or maybe good enough.  I found the first chapter of a novel I had an idea for, months earlier.  I had written it on a plane, saved it, and forgot about it. It was one of the best pieces of writing I'd written.  There's a novel there, most of which I have mapped out in my head.  I sent it to Lisa.  And she took it.

  I started to write it again.   To write a lot.  Though I've since abandoned it, the acceptance of my work by Fictionique and the continued EPs here and there and encouraging comments built my confidence.  I friended Candace too.  And so many others.  It doesn't feel like we've never met. 


 I started here one year ago today.  I was interning for a celebrity online rag and talked my way into writing column for their stay at home mom web site, and another daily column on Obama news.  I began to secretly post the bits I wrote there on here.  And I got found out.  Got a stiff talking to.  Got fired.  It inspired the post "Fuck Me? No fuck you".  :) (My year here hasn't equipped me with the knowledge of how toi link a post.)


 But it was freeing.  I would blog a few times about jobs I got fired from, trying to work out what it was about me that couldn't stay gainfully employed.  The rules, stacked so neatly, outlining boundaries and behavior practices that for others don't appear as the taunts of delicious dares, at some time or another became things that couldn't reel me in. 


 I came here to stretch my legs, to get "discovered."  Yet, it was me who discovered you.  This year I read your talented words and wished I'd written them, but what touched me always was the honesty.  The confessions.  The unblinking anguish that you put out there so plainly.  I'm thinking of LunchLady here, who I'd never commented on, but read, and dreamed about, and loved from here.  I peeked inside your childhood homes, held your hands as you dealt with illness and loss, swallowed lumps in my throat when you shaved your son's head and sent him off to boot camp, cooked your recipes, listened to your songs. I learned of political injustices.  I laughed at stories of talking animals and food fights at Thanksgiving, vowed to touch people more, and wished you all a Merry Christmas.  I cheered as you recovered from sickness and traveled again, when your son took up fencing and found the thing that he felt good about. I cried at your brother's slow decline.  I shook my fist at the empty sky when LA Swat team officers stormed your apartment and threatened you and your mother.   I loved. 


 And somewhere along the line, I discovered something about myself.  The elusive job I can't hold?  It isn't out there.  It's here.  It's the part of me that continues to learn from you, the part that can't be separated from me at the hands of a boss in charge.  It's the writer I've come to accept in myself.  The part that OS taught me to own. 

 I thank you all for that, my friends (noun and verb.)


Forever grateful,




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Congrats on your 1st year here. I hope you are around for a long, long time~
Congratulations. Keep on posting.

We all get together from time to time in the Big Apple. Next time we do...be sure to invite yourself. Ya get ta meet the people in person.
Jaime--This piece is a sterling example of why you inspire. Your writing is authentic. the journey you chart here is clear. And you are unflinchingly honest. I always learn something when I read your stuff.
Happy Year! Don't go anywhere.
Oh and btw. . .Candace actually IS terrifying!
Congrats on your year, Jaime. Speaking of sass, smarts, attitude and talent, that's how I would describe you. Gorgeous fits, too. Glad you're here.
No, thank you. And congratulations! r
Lovely tribute to OS, Jaime, and yes getting to know the people - intelligent, funny, passionate - makes it so much better. (Having met Joan H in person, I can assure you that she is every bit as gentle and kind, and unintimidating, in the flesh.)

And you're pretty damn good yourself.
i read this in a doctor's waiting room a while ago and was laughing and hooting and crying, and they all thought i was nuts. well, maybe so. because i *so* remember that piece you wrote and the messages back and forth (though i have no recollection of trig's fart post but wouldn't be surprised) and what a delight it was to find you out there on long-guyland, writing away and being so earnest and lovely. i'm blushing at your compliments and laughing that you think i'm scary - i'm going to use this to impress my friends and family who know what a softie lurks behind that facade!! happy happy anni, darling jaime. i'm beyond glad that you stuck it out for a year and are still here, plugging away. this piece was brilliant. seriously. and you know i don't throw those adjectives around carelessly, right? :) xoxo
i just read roger's comment!!!! no, no, it's not true! well, it's kinda true but only if i'm editing your words. right, chicago guy? right??
Toritto - Ha! I'll never forget out PMs when you told me, by the way, we know each other already. :)

Scanner - Thank you! xoxo

Frank - Keep me informed! I would love toi barge in on you guys. Turn out I was in NYC for the meetup in November, but was across town at a show at Carnegie Hall that night. Next time, I'm there.

Chicago Guy - thank you for everything.

Matt - blushing.

Sheila - thank you!

Jonathan - thank you too!

Christine - you are too sweet. xoxo
Cranky - Oh I could write a whole post on how Facebook has enhanced our relationship! Thank you!

Oh Candace - Well, I was scared to post this, you know. And tickled to death that I made you laugh in a waiting room. I look up to you more than you could know. Thanks for making fun of me, way back when. ;)
Hi, Jaime. Congrats on the Blogaversary! How exciting that you've found that part of you again. OS seems to be good for that, huh.
Happy Blogiversery to you, Jaime!
Time flies doesn't it, and there aren't many better ways to spend it than here. I think I've been on OS just over a year. Those bloggers you mentioned are pretty impressive and they feel like friends, just from reading their posts. Happy anniversary!
I came here to stretch my legs, to get "discovered." Yet, it was me who discovered you..

yep that is the way of the OS.

To read someone's intestines gasping open and warm
from their body is a hell of an experience.
Nothing like it.
We are all graciously gutted here...........
Phyllis - Yeah, OS is great for that.

Bernadine - Thanks!!!

Fusuna - thank you
Phyllis - Yeah, OS is great for that.

Bernadine - Thanks!!!

Fusuna - thank you
Happy Blogaversary, Jaimie. Didn't that year race by? I'm glad you are still here, writing away.

Happy Anni, Jaime! This place is habit forming, eh?! Glad you are here.
Happy a Year!! The first one is a fun roller coaster ride, the next two, you'll discover, make you want to throw up!! ~:D

Pat, pat, pat........
Jaime, I am touched and delighted that I am a part of your first year at OS. This is a wonderful, generous piece, much like the writer. I'm glad you friended me on FB. Oh, and by the way, underneath that intimidating exterior, I do believe Candace has a heart like warm caramel. xoxo ~r
Cheers to you and blurred lines.
I saw that you posted this and ran over. Not literally, but you understand. In the relatively short time you have been here you just have become a major favorite of mine, and I'd bet many others. Your comment that related to me made me cry. Thank you.
You're a terrific writer and a warm and humorous presence. So glad that you found us . So glad .
This was so lovely and fun to read. You better stick around for a long time to come ;)

Any one that fires you is insane in the head! That's the real secret behind that.
Yeah! Happy blogaversary to you, and many more.
You came, you wrote, you conquered
This is a lovely tribute to OS and to you.
[r] congratulations! what a win/win relationship you have with os and vice versa! may it continue to thrive!! libby
What a sweet post! Happy blogoverary to a talented writer - and very kind person! Many happy returns!
Happy, happy!

Geez, Jaime, your piece caused me to look at my own track record here. I was stunned to see I've been at it for a year and a half and over 60 entries.

Good? Bad? I don't know but it's cathartic as hell.

Warm congrats and wishes for continued participation

Lezlie - It's good to be here! Thanks!

Cathy - I'm glad to be here. Habit forming, def.

Tink - You think I'm up to two more years??

Shypixie - Oh I could have added all of the advide you've given me. Thank you to you.

Joanie - my "friend," my friend.

Mimetalker - I'll never forget the first post of your I read. The waitress with the accent, outed by the family she babysat. You are a writer.

Fernsy - There's a whole blog in my head for you. Everything you said, back atcha. xoxox

Bluestocking - Thanks!!

Tom - Well, the first two ar etechnically true...

jlsathe - Thank you so much!

libby - It definitely is! Isn't that what this place is all about? If you do it right, I guess.

Alysa - Oh I should hgave added that I walked the streets of Paris, attended far away weddings, and hid from spiders in air-conditionless apartments with you. xoxo

Bob - Happy 60 blogs! Feels good, right?
Truth? Candace is NEVER terrifying! (Sorry for the hijack) Carry on Jaime!
Did she threaten you until you wrote that?
A day late and a dollar short. Congrats on your first year here. And hopes for many more.
Congratulations on your year of discovery. I'm certainly glad that we've connected!
Really lovely OS trajectory. It's the gift that keeps on giving! Glad to have "friended" you!
Habby Plogoversary to you! Mever Nind Me, I wet my gords ixed mup. It's a skill one develops as a class clown.

Look forward to reading more of your stuff. What is it about some people that they just can't "stay inside the lines?" More importantly, what is it about those who "can't go outisde the lines" that makes them so damn vindictive to those who can?

It's discrimination, I tell ya. Yah, that's it. Discrimination. We all think it's good when someone has discriminating tastes, but they still have a McDonald's attitude about creativity. Which is to say no appreciation of the fine vintages and varieties of thought that is so well displayed here on OS.

(I refuse to celebrate my blogoversary, it's just another day of writing)
Congrats on your one year. I'll have to read those others, to see if what you say about them is true. Its a good community to be part of. R
i joined OS just to read your stuff :)