FEBRUARY 26, 2012 1:28PM

On the Brink of War Here, There, and Everywhere

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered the military to launch “a powerful retaliatory strike at the enemy, should the enemy intrude even 0.001 millimeters into the waters of the country where its sovereignty is exercised,” the official Korean Central News Agency reported.

“Mr. Kim’s statement, issued during a visit to military units on the country’s southern coast that faces a string of islands manned by South Korean marines, comes a day before the United States and South Korea are scheduled to begin a massive joint military exercise.”

North Korea and South Korea never agreed on a western sea border when they signed a cease-fire at the end of the Korean War in 1953, and territory around the South Korean border islands remains disputed and volatile.”

Massive military exercises, an undefined border, and a brand new Dear Leader rattling nuclear weapons!

What could go wrong?

And meanwhile our indispensable “ally” or client-welfare-state Israel could launch a full-tilt air war against Iran and drag us into it at any given moment, even though the CIA now admits that there is “no evidence of Iranian nuclear weapons program!”

So we’re rolling the dice all over Asia, and for what?

Military exercises?

Non-existent Iranian nukes?

Don’t ask why! Just keep rolling the dice that decide life and death for a hundred million people!

But if you think snake-eyes will never come up anywhere, you’re betting against the casino.

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excellent post! love the pic too
Ain't he pretty cute? Jacob Freeze? You share with him?

He needs a few 'hits' of that homegrown shag tobacco.

He looks like a West Pint LT who 'blew' his brains out.
Sad/sigh . . .
The LT who ordered me on a patrol on Feb 10th did that.


"Those who are skilled in combat d not become angered,
those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid.
Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant
fight to win."

from Sum Tzu's `
The Art of War
translation by:
Thomas Cleary
"A country is exhausted when it must buy his supplies at
high prices, and impoverished when it is ships supplies
long distances."

"Attacks should not be repeated, battles should not be
multiplied. Use strength according to capacity, aware ...
that it will be spent with excessive use. Get rid of the
worthless, and the country can be peaceful; get rid
of the incompetent, and the country can be profited
There are hundreds of these commonsense maxims.
. . .
Morbidly obese
dateless for life
spend spare time
playing strip poker
I thought you were doing advocacy for

Kim Doan
Lawyers robbed her of home, apartments,
and the former lawyer's Waynesboro, PA
Kim Doan was the poorest of Vietnam's poor.
The American/Asian was a outcaste war victim.
I have packets of outhouse lawyer briefs here.

I get weary of wasting time and honest money.
It takes gas (beer money - Fat Tire Beer from CO).
Fuel prices (free stolen crude BP's Haliburton oil),
and copying briefs gets expensive. I buy Red Mule?

No throw Red Mule Chew-Tobacco out thee SUV.
If a female voice calls at night no meet in park lot.
One Baltimore lawyer was stabbed 37- times. Sad.
Cover up -
Eric Holder -
He'll investigate -
FBI Sunny is okay?
I best shush up now.
I'll buy 'Fat Tire' Beer.
It's from Ft. Colins, CO.
Jacob Freeze may get a tattoo?
smoker decides to
get tattooed to
his left ankle, bee
honeybee tattoo
on Kim Jong-un
wobbling buns
Jacob Freeze get tattoo
of cute polar bear
Eric Holder`ing a 'Bud'
You'd thing we be wiser
Thanks, Kathy, and believe it or not, before Kim Jong-Un got sucked into the Leadership, he looked like a regular person!

But now! What a crazy-looking freak, and with nuclear weapons!
"A country is exhausted when it must buy his supplies at
high prices, and impoverished when it is ships supplies
long distances."

That's a very good quote from Sun Tzu, Art James!

"As simple as possible, but no simpler!" ...as in your quote from Einstein.
Living in a constant state of fear raises stress hormones and cortisol levels. Sustained high levels of cortisol can impact cognitive function, as well as several other body functions that severely impact health. Impaired cognitive function leads to a decline in intelligence as you can't learn as effectively. Decreased intelligence leads to making emotional decisions instead of using critical thinking to reason. Emotional decisions lead to Santorum leading in the polls.

It's insidious.
Great post. You gotta watch this video of Ralph Nader and Reagan conservative Bruce Fein speaking at the Harvard Law Record. They both agree that impeaching Obama isn't enough http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8kla2T0NQQ
They both call for going after Congress for failing to uphold the Constitution by impeaching Obama for high crimes and misdemeanors. Nader calls on the Occupy movement to occupy Congressional offices.
Thanks for commenting, Dr. Bramhall.

IMHO the most salient feature of the video in your link is the tandem of Nader and arch-conservative Bruce Fein, and I guess we have Obama's goddamned bombing campaign on the population of Libya to thank most saliently for this strange rapprochement. As you know, this monstrosity was even opposed by the Republican House of Representatives, and Obama simply ignored Congress and the Constitution and made war by pure fiat.

8400 bombing runs against a defenseless civilian population, with no authorization of any kind!