NOVEMBER 30, 2011 10:02AM

Poem for Art James

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In the year of our Lord 2000
I lived with a family of Greek farmers
on the island of Crete.
There are no gentler people
on the face of the earth.

One night my hostess explained an
antique shotgun that hung above the fireplace.
On one side there was a picture of her
great-grandfather who killed a Turk with that gun.
On the other side there was a
picture of the Turk.

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That poem made me recall a Iver Johnson

I inherited a rand Father's single-shot shotgun.

He re-blued the pitted bore and built a cherry stock.

The open-barrel could be used if you want to inhale pot.

That's was the old idea - Shotgun Inhale - in Vietnam Days.

A First Air Calvary were rumored to do shotguns with M-16's.

LT said 60% of my 1/12 D- Co were blown away after I was shot.

GI's were shooting each other accidently and shooting foots off.

Grunts can't hump-the-bush with one foot blown away. Honest.

I remember new PFC shot his foot. A CO would not call chopper.

He wept all night. He had nightmares the first night in the jungle.
He woke up sad with fat lip, broken tooth, O purple swollen eyes.

The GI's in his squad punched him silly. He give a position away?


That's how they justified beating a PFC to a pulp. War is insane.

I felt sorry/sad the moment I got dumped in `Nam. Ay, Dooms.

Later I discovered I landed the same day as the lunar landing.
I was sad
I was only gonna write that I spent two-weeks on the island of Crete in the 70's.
I remember the Ferry Ride from Athens, Greece. People danced. Ay, a Musical.
I wonder where that singleshot Iver Johnson went? Stolen. Who stole my pipe?
Some person in the rear area stole my antique - carved ivory - beautiful bowl.
I go on forever.
I almost missed.
My PM's get lost.
They go to spams.
They never works.
I best go get mules.
One sad thing comes to Memory.
I'm told I was on a Threat List.
S. Brian Wilson told me This:
When we spoke against war in the eighties Brian (not the singer) etc., were placed on list:
A Treat To Domestic Security.
I was with Brian in Wash/DC.
I returned dusty war medals.

S. Brian Wilson lost two-legs.
Reagan's train ran over Brian.
I could go on and on. O, shush
It speaks volumes that Art James post from 2011 on the "highest rated last four hours" list with one rating made it at all on the list.
v cool poem, mr freeze
Your poem ... Art's response ... should anyone wonder why Art is so missed ... come here and read ... and be with this ...
Looking for Art, I found this ... and this ... your words, his ...
say almost ... everything ...