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Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA
August 01
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade
Only child of holocaust survivors from Eastern and Central Europe, grew up in Phila., Central PA, and NYC (2nd home). Psychologist since 1970 working with children and adults in wide variety of selttings, including schools, hospital, courts, private office, and prisons.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 3:45PM

Family-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

An 80-year old woman, full of vitality and intelligence, tells poignant stories of her dear late husband, whom she has missed for fifteen years. She finds life lukewarm and sees things through a haze without him. Keeping his memory alive, enjoys her adult children and grandchildren when they visit fr… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 9:20PM

Culture-Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

We're  just back from 17 days in Central and Eastern Europe. The intellectual in me always soaks up culture, history, art and architecture and seeks out music, theater and dance in the beautiful cities of Europe. I speak a few languages and have a lifetime of memories around these countries.… Read full post »

 Stimulated by TL's excellent blog on Evil in the world today, here's a re-post combo of 2 blogs I wrote about some of the evil I've seen around, not to even come close to the beheading for a "cause." Sometimes, it's about revenge and trauma projected out and does have it's… Read full post »

This post is a reaction to Jonathan Wolfman's well-put question "Why Tolerate Hate?"and to  the ensuing discussion. I'm afraid that greed, fear, hate, defensiveness and aggression all interact as an animalistic and terrible but sometimes protective part of human nature. We're afraid of the unkno… Read full post »

Life is complicated. If you're poor, down and out, just putting a meal together, figuring out how to earn money and pay for child care, provide clothes, and make the leaky roof better can be overwhelming. If you're middle class or kind of well off, hooking up the new smart TV,… Read full post »

I've been hearing too much overgeneralizaion lately. "All Democrats want...." "All Republicans think....." " The Muslims are our biggest threat."  The thought that "Christians are all good." and that "Jews (or Israelis0 want....."

 Please. Consider that people from various political partie… Read full post »

So many demonstrations and protests at home and around the world all at once bombard our media and our minds. On the one hand, the old adage that true evil is standing by and letting evil happen without doing or saying anything holds. Therefore, the call to battle... On the other… Read full post »

Why do some people show a cold heart in the face of others' misfortune? Are they just born that way? Is it a defense against becoming overwhelmed or depressed? Are they afraid they might care and then feel responsible?

Yes, any of the above and more. In the case of a… Read full post »

Is all life really like high school? Or elementary or middle school? An old chum since 7th grade and I were talking about someone who was a bully and over 50 years later, still is one. Then, someone who used to associate with me but stopped for some unknown reason seems… Read full post »

AUGUST 2, 2014 12:43PM

China and Mental Health?

I'm just back from a week in Shanghai, China, visiting my son and his fiancee, talking with producers of commercials and films, checking out the arts scene and observing life from a psychological angle. I don't have a lot of sweeping generalizations to make about what we can learn from the… Read full post »

Remember the movie "War of the Roses?" The abuse from husband to wife and wife to husband escalated until death did them part. Rival factions lived together and who did at one time, or many times, live together in peace.Like Israel and the Palestinians.  It's very reminiscent of couples in a… Read full post »

I listened to most of a TED talk on "hard choices." The speaker is a philospher who kept talking in circles, in my humble opinion, about the fact that hard choices are hard because they are equally valid, even when more of one choice  is tallied in. For example, the decision… Read full post »

For what seems like 100 years, I consulted with the Bureau of Disability Determination in PA, doing psych evaluations with true mind and heart applied to a multiplicity of problems. I have written elsewhere about the wealth of experience I gained from this work. I learned to appreciate the conditions… Read full post »

Another unfortuate woman told me that her therapist of 2 years advised her to try real hard not to feel her anxiety, to fight it, to use mind over matter and make herself take charge. Meanwhile, her crippling anxiety prevents her from going out without others and living normally. She's not… Read full post »

It's a natural tendency to protect ourselves one way or another. Psychologically, we often do so by defensiveness and denial. Politics is group psychology, of course, because groups of people form opinions, agree or disagree with each other, make laws and create governments.

So, for example, we… Read full post »

EDMR is a technique based on a neurological theory which asserts that mental relief and freedom comes from confusing the brain away from an obsessive thought, memory or belief, including PTSD. Mostly, the technique involves having the patient listen to and often repeat thoughts which contradict… Read full post »

Usually, I speak up, but not always in time and not necessarily to the right person, so here are 10 things I like to say and sometimes have. You may need to say these same things.

1. For every choice there are advantages and disadvantages.

2. Balance is prime.

3.… Read full post »

Talking with fellow therapist about marital counseling/training/workshops. Ideas just ran out of him. His marriage is good. He has helped others with theirs. It struck me that his and many people I know have a much better second marriage than they had before, despite the statistics which say that sec… Read full post »

In sweet little towns, like Lewisburg, PA, families and individuals, children, dogs, babies to old folks gather for music in the park. Whatever were folks' problems, from arthritis to depression to debt, they dissipated in the warm, breezy air and the sounds of singing and instrumments strummed, fing… Read full post »

To the father who has been alienated from his child, Father's Day is the saddest day of the year. Who's to say that the mother who convinced the child that the father was a selfish loser didn't have some reasons for her bitterness and disappointment? However, poisoning the child was a crime… Read full post »

It's much harder to diagnose children as emotionally disturbed and, more so, with a specific disorder than to diagnose adults. First of all, they're children, so they haven't lived long enough to establish clear patterns of deviant behavior. They are more easily-influenced by family and environmental… Read full post »

My friends said they're poor, while we ate in a good restaurant, talking about our extensive travels. Yes, they have their basic needs met and save diligently for each trip. But, they're far from poor. I pointed out that the poorest people I know really don't know how they'll save for… Read full post »

So, you think only the VA hospitals are negligent, corrupt and unable to deliver? Believe me, there are stories after stories of trauma and death caused by not scheduling appointments, long waiting lists, overbooked doctors, incompetence, and corruption in private nonprofit and for-profit, faith-base… Read full post »

How is it that briliant, superintelligent people, professors and scientists at the forefront of their fields of study, can make stereotypical, even bigoted, assumptions about others? These others have different opinions, especially in politics and religion. For example, a renowned science author… Read full post »

In the old Freudian days, we used to call a persistent state of mind depressive neurosis. Then, it became dysthymic disorder. But, that term of "feeling negative" doesn't really decribe the person well. This person has an undertone of "down," pessimism, self-depreciation, and lack of joy. While he ca… Read full post »