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Jack Mason

Jack Mason
New York, USA
Global Business Services, Strategic Programs
I'm working on IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is about the global evolution from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" ... a planetary infrastructure that is pervasively instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com

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APRIL 27, 2012 9:26AM

Step into the Smarter Planet Time Machine! For a little Friday...

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Step into the Smarter Planet Time Machine!

For a little Friday Fun, try one of these three settings:

Or for quintessential quantum experience, try the Random button to sample one of the more than 4000 posts about All Things Smarter since we started three years ago in November, 2008.

You are welcome to like or reblog your favorites to feed our collective intelligence on those posts that best reflect how the world’s systems can become more sentient and senseable.

Of course, you can always browse through the misty mountains of Smarter Time via the Archive. Or for a real time warp, scroll through all the Time Machine posts.

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