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Jack Mason

Jack Mason
New York, USA
Global Business Services, Strategic Programs
I'm working on IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is about the global evolution from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" ... a planetary infrastructure that is pervasively instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com

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APRIL 16, 2012 11:40AM

A Startup Puts the Internet in Your Couch Cushions - Technology...

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A Startup Puts the Internet in Your Couch Cushions - Technology Review

Sensor-filled Ninja Blocks connect the Web with whatever’s nearby.

Whoever has been stealing Mark Wotton’s newspaper should look out: He’s formulating a revenge plan, and it involves ninjas.

Well, technically, it involves Ninja Blocks—little computerized, sensor-equipped boxes that Wotton helped create. The blocks connect to the Internet to carry out preset actions in response to stimuli. For example, via an online service called Ninja Cloud, Wotton could set a Ninja Block equipped with a motion detector to automatically take photos of the paper thief and upload them to Facebook.

A Ninja Block might also be programmed to turn on a hall light when a child cries in her crib, or sound an alarm when the cat jumps onto the sofa. Wotton built the small devices and corresponding Web service with two cofounders. “Chances are people will have good ideas [for the devices] we’ve never thought of,” says Wotton, the company’s chief technical officer.

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