A Smarter Planet

From the World Wide Web to the Web Wide World

Jack Mason

Jack Mason
New York, USA
Global Business Services, Strategic Programs
I'm working on IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, which is about the global evolution from the "World Wide Web" to a "Web Wide World" ... a planetary infrastructure that is pervasively instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. http://smarterplanet.tumblr.com

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User Experience is Not Just Design, It’s the Key to Innovation and Growth - Brian Solis

It’s not every day you have Jesse James Garrett stop by to talk about the state of user experience (UX) and its role in the future of business. But, we were fortunate to have him/… Read full post »

Airbnb For Workspaces Allows Mobile Creatives To Connect & Collaborate

“This goes beyond renting a desk, it’s all about creating and engaging a community of like-minded professionals, I like to think of it as a physical professional network. It creates this serendipitous opportunity for other peo… Read full post »

TED Fellow Juliette LaMontagne’s Project Breaker looks to reinvent the traditional education system, and help aspiring youth better use their talents to create projects with real-world impacts. Read full post »

To Turn The Crowd Into Venture Capitalists, FundersClub Raises $6M Seed Round — Biggest In YC History

For those unfamiliar, FundersClub is a website that picks promising startups and lets people invest in them over the web in return for real equity. Anyone who’s an “accredited investor†(Read full post »

The Internet of Things revolution: wake-up call for corporates and politicians:

Why are today’s senior - and not so senior - decision takers, whether business leaders or politicians, so seemingly unaware of the fast approaching third revolution in Internet access - the Internet of Things?

It is pro… Read full post »

As Number of Smartphones Passes 1Bn, 2Bn is Tipped to Come by 2015

The number of smartphones in use worldwide has passed the 1 billion mark for the first time, according to analyst firm Strategy Analytics, which estimates the landmark was surpassed during the third quarter of 2012. Strategy Analytics… Read full post »

How Big Data Can Make Us Happier and Healthier:


Big data is getting personal. People around the globe are monitoring everything from their health, sleep patterns, sex and even toilet habits with articulate detail, aided by mobile technology. Whether users track behavior actively b/

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OCTOBER 23, 2012 11:07AM

Pervasive Computing: The Next Wave

We can’t just design devices that help us to live better using data; rather, we have to design an entire living environment where those devices communicate with each other and with us. Only by building this interoperable network of humans and computers will we finally be able to exploit the

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Newsweek Releases Ranking of Greenest Companies | IBM Only U.S. Company Among World's Top 20 Corporations:

This is the fourth year Newsweek ranked the 500 largest companies on their environmental footprint (45% of score), corporate management (45%) and transparency (10%), using data from Trucost and… Read full post »

How We Watch What We Watch: The Future Of TV : NPR

The rise of the smartphone, the tablet computer, Netflix and other on-demand services has changed the screen/viewer relationship forever. Also, we shouldn’t forget the importance of that increasingly antiquated invention called the “Internet.  Read full post »


Interview with Rebecca Nugent of Carnegie Mellon University.

In this episode Jeff and I talk with Rebecca Nugent, Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University. We talk with her about her work with the Census and the growing interest in

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Belkin WeMo Baby monitor lets you listen to Junior via an internet connection and an iOS device — Engadget

Belkin’s line of WeMo products is all about home automation, and its latest addition, the WeMo Baby, lets you listen to the cooing and crying of your offspring from afar. The/… Read full post »

Big Geographic Data -- From Tokyo Retailers to Flood Zones - Forbes:

IBM and Esri, the mapping company, are linking advanced analytics with geographic information by pulling information from previously siloed systems with big data tools.

KDDI, a mobile and fixed line communications company in Japan,… Read full post »

Visualizing Every Single Carbon Emission In Your City | Co.Exist

Hestia is a new project that lets you see the whole picture of emissions, from that SUV idling at a red light to the power plant down the block.

We know, in the aggregate, that highways and buildings produce a… Read full post »

Pioneer shows off augmented reality device for cars

Pioneer, a Japanese maker of automotive navigation systems, was in attendance at the CEATEC 2012 event in Japan where it showcased its use of augmented reality in a heads up display for a car. The company has extensive experience in the realm of… Read full post »


How do companies really use all the data out there? Most of it seems according to a report from IBM and Saïd Business School (Analytics: The real-world use of big data How innovative enterprises extract value from uncertain data) to be used in order to understand the customers better:

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What Exactly Is A Smart City? | Co.Exist

Having worked in the smart cities space for several years now, I am encouraged by the growth of the sector and the pace of technological advancements being developed for urban environments. However, I believe that the smart-cities movement is b

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Breakthrough may lead to large-scale quantum computing | KurzweilAI:

Nanowire-double quantum dot (DQD) device stores spin qubits (credit: Petersson et. al.)

In a key step toward creating a working quantum computer, Princeton University researchers have developed a method that may allow f/

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OCTOBER 21, 2012 8:26AM

The World's Greenest Cities

A new global report released today by IBM  and the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford reveals that most Big Data initiatives currently being deployed by organizations are aimed at improving the customer experience. Yet, despite the strong focus on the customer, less than half of the o/… Read full post »

The Smarter Planet App | iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile:
IBM Smarter Planet

IBM Smarter Planet

The IBM Smarter Planet app integrates content from many spheres of IBM’s Smarter Planet initiative. The Smarter Planet blog is one of the app’s anchors along with the Smarter Planet Tumblr, People for

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Learning Through Life | Enabling Individuals and Companies with Social Business| Education Specialist | Strategy Consultant | Speaker:

Here’s a summary table I put together to show how we can work more effectively using social tools for common work tasks.

 Thanking Colleagues

Common Approach ResulRead full post »

  IBM Has Become a Publisher. Is It Any Good?

IBM has about 433,000 employees. To put things in perspective, that’s more than four times the amount of Microsoft’s workforce and 400,000 more than Google’s. It’s also about 427,000 more than The New York Times Co. has. If you believe that/… Read full post »


Big Data is a New Category, Distinct From Other Technologies

Big data describes the continuous processing of very large, public, and changing data sets using distributed data processing and data storage systems. There is no question that mainframes and super-computers process v… Read full post »