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Jack Heart
July 13
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DECEMBER 11, 2009 2:38PM

Behind the Pulpit of Madness

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                 It’s the fourth day in the last month of the year 2009 and I have just finished watching Glen Beck my advice to all liberals living in America is to go to the nearest convenient gun dealer and acquire the best assault rifle you can afford and learn how to fire it without soiling your pants. Speaking of hygienic decorum at one point Beck stuck his finger halfway into his ear and twisted vigorously this simian display took place on national TV. Besides being charming Beck appears to be clinically insane. The definition of psychotic according to Princeton being: “any severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted”. I can think of no better 14 words to describe Beck and his travelling troupe of chimpanzees. Beck reasons that North Dakota is fiscally responsible and should not be liable with their taxes to other states that have been fiscally irresponsible. Now I know where FOX came up with “are you smarter than a fifth grader”. North Dakota was wrested from the hands of hostile Indians at the point of federal Bayonets less than 140 years ago with much bloodshed, Little Bighorn, Wounded Knee and so on, this was necessary because the great great grand parents of these fiscally responsible people motivated by their greed refused to honor any of the treaties that the federal government agreed to with the Indians. When the killing was over the ancestors of these fiscally responsible people came out of the forts. Forts that the federal government had built to protect them from the Indians they had so relentlessly provoked. These now unrestrained arbiters of fiscal responsibility then proceeded to denude the Indian free land of any flora and fauna that would have interfered with the herds of cattle and sheep they introduced onto this fertile land. Predictably they prospered by selling the proceeds of their herds harvest and as many trees as they could cut down. They sold these commodities at the highest price they could get to the cities in the east which had supplied the troops to do their dirty work and kill all the Indians. These same eastern cities also supplied them with a flag which in turn supplied them with the military might which allowed them to keep this stolen land and not become a satellite of let us say Guatemala. Beck is oblivious to all these facts “reality is lost or highly distorted”.  


             North Dakota could be a metaphor for practically anyone of the red states, in reality rural counties, which form the constituency for the treason that is being peddled by Beck. In no other country in the world past or present has a rural minority ever been allowed to dictate government policy to the urban centers of population contrary to what Beck has convinced them that land is not theirs it belongs to the United States of America you do not become a sovereign nation when you settle on or buy land all responsible governments retain the right to seize that land for the public benefit. Beck is fond of casting aspersions on Russia’s socialist revolution by making the exaggerated claim that it resulted in 50 million dead.  Actually 20 million Ukrainians were starved to death by the Russian army because they refused to share the bounty of their land with the rest of the country if the Ukrainians had their way 100 million Russians would have starved to death. After Stalin settled the debate on who owned the Ukraine the Soviet Union managed to stop the Nazi war machine dead in its tracks preventing the Ukraine’s annexation to Germany which Hitler clearly stated were his intentions when he postulated the goal of lebensraum in Mein Kampf or perhaps Beck thinks that an independent Ukraine with military assistance from France would have been able hold back the Germans since he likes to say “we all know how that worked out”. Just like Beck but for the sake of brevity not out of stupidity we shall ignore the existence of China’s economic surge under a socialist system.


             Beck then went on to attack extended unemployment ending his delirious diatribe with a grandiose flourish “history has proven that if we make people comfortable in their poverty they will never try to get out of it”. A man who is unaware that the north won the Civil War should not be drawing his conclusions from history. History has proven exactly the opposite in order for groups of economically diverse people to exist under one government poverty within the group must be made tolerable. This primal precedent for civilization was already a time honored western tradition when Roman emperors  tried to outdo their predecessors in providing for the cities poor,  no less a tyrant than Caligula is said to have personally rained gold from a pedestal upon Rome’s poor. The French, Spanish, and Russian revolutions and the rise to power by the Nazis prove that when poverty is made unbearable a bloodbath is sure to ensue. Beck ended his hysterical revision of history by exhorting his viewers to endure this depression for the same reasons their grandparents had endured the last one “to be free”. I was waiting for the three monkeys in suits accompanying Beck, which Fox was billing as economic experts, to burst into the credit card song “free free free” but apparently they were unable to learn the lyrics.


             The pulpit for this madness has been supplied by FOX who have become synonymous with the disaster that must entail when civilization allows a few (5) multinational corporations to control the media and to regulate the information available to the general population. Although the selection of lies, frivolous nonsense, and moral nihilism that the mainstream media presents as news is the curriculum prescribed by wealthy self appointed social engineers Fox’s presentation methods appear to be out of control unless of course they are intended to provoke a civil war. FOX has succeeded in bringing the Howard Beale character in the movie Network to life in the form of a whimpering gelatinous mass that presides over organized mobs, euphemistically called Tea Parties, which threaten civil insurrection at the behest of their corporate puppeteers. Glen Beck is now the official spokesperson to the very same people that the corporate profiteers who own FOX have robbed of everything they hold dear. In a surreal circus FOX has created an army of animated mannequins that clamor for Obama’s head, a made for T.V. messiah who plays the role of President while the scanty remains of a ounce proud country are picked over by the vultures that make their nests high atop the gleaming towers of New York City. Certain that their righteous indignation has been ordained by God they are arming themselves and making ready for the coming holy war within their trailer park fortress’s all across Americas heartland. They have become hard through the suffering inflicted upon them by soulless human devils, gone are their farmlands, gone are their jobs, gone are their social traditions which once bound them together as a coherent culture. Their beautiful daughters that once smiled lovingly upon them are now painted whores that shun them as they engage in all manners of biblical decadence after all “girls just want to have fun”. Their sons once proud and strong in their youth have pulled their pants down around their knees as they shuffle about bank appropriated corn fields playing “Gangsta”. These Beckians are as fearsome as any barbarian horde that ever threatened the gates of Rome because they have been made just as savage by their wrath. Who will stand against these avenging hordes when they come for their misdirected justice? Will it be America’s army of dubious loyalties, a professional fighting force consisting of mercenaries, cretins, foreigners, and refuges from spinsterhood? Ask the Romans how they fared with similar armies. Perhaps the corporate appointed “liberals” will drive them back with pseudo intellectual ideas. An endless barrage of movies extolling gun control and the virtues of socialism issued through Hollywood by Michael Moore yet another corporate sponsored quivering clump of jelly. Chris Mathews who is really Bill O’Rielly with a lisp will engage the gelatinous mass in a debate and give him a verbal pummeling as Keith Oberman quips smugly from the teleprompter


             So why has Beck been given card blanch to read excerpts from the rock farmers coloring book of history while he intentionally ferments a civil war? Lou Dobbs was run off the air by the Southern Poverty Law Center for accurately pointing out that America was currently in the process of being invaded by Mexico who in turn is assisting corporate America in their ongoing effort to create a twenty first century plantation economy in America. Ostensibly the answer would be that CNN holds itself to higher standards of journalism than FOX after all so does the average crack head spraying graffiti onto a wall. Then why does Dobbs just not take his act to FOX? The answer is because the message being conveyed by Dobbs is not approved of by the self appointed social engineers that constitute the hidden hand that rocks the cradle. The western world is at the mercy of a mercantile oligarchy whose authority is rooted in their ability to barter over cabbages in the market place. In fact Dobbs who was himself nothing more than an opportunist pointing out the obvious will now run for office in New Jersey under a pro immigration platform. Beck is part of the same equation which swept Obama into office. What were the wealthy to do for the 2008 presidential election they had murdered the Kennedys they had plundered the earth with their greenhouse gasses they had pillaged the economy with their Reganomics and they had culminated their orgy of greed with the reign of Mad King George the Second. A strong leader in America might result in them being punished for the incalculable crimes they had inflicted upon humanity. Like a riverboat gambler they played the ace they had hidden up their sleeve the race card. They used their media mind control machine to install a compromised and ineffectual black man to the presidency and neutralized the most powerful office on earth then they turned Glen Beck loose to ferment the racial hatred that simmers right below the surface of America like lava in a volcano. An objective observer can only be awestruck by their evil genius they have divided their enemy, in reality victims, in accordance with the principles espoused by Sun Tsu in the Art of War. Americans will have their healthcare only when Obama accedes to the appointment of a healthcare czar preferably an ex CEO of Goldman Sachs or better yet AIG. The occupation of Iraq continues and the war to secure the opium pipeline in Afghanistan is being expanded. By the time the Bush tax cuts expire next year, people in the top one percentile of annual household incomes will have received 23.5 percent of all the savings in the cuts. Best of all Glen Beck has gathered together an army that’s improbable existence has been duplicated in history only by the hundreds of thousands of dirt poor barefoot southerners who fought and died for the right of a few rich plantation owners to possess slaves.                             

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Now this is a grand piece; it should be on the cover. Great work/research and fine arguments: from the Russia's decisive role in the war, to the founding fathers, to the brilliant Roman analogy on poverty, to the real reason why Lou Dobbs was fired, to the desperate attempts to deny a class war... and the list goes on; this is a great work.

Rated for excellence and brilliance.
"When the killing was over the ancestors of these fiscally responsible people came out of the forts. Forts that the federal government had built to protect them from the Indians they had so relentlessly provoked."

The folks in the red states are always pulling themselves up by the bootstraps that someone else has paid for.

Where I live the urban, blue part of the state subsidizes the rural, red part of the state. We pay for their schools and maintain their roads. We subsidize the social service programs that help them to survive.

Which is fine. But then we have to listen to them complain about the "liberals" and what it wonderful place it would be if all the taxes -- taxes that help to subsidize their lives -- were eliminated.
Beck deserves his own show on Comedy Central, IMHO. The man is a comedian. He even did a comedy/stand up tour. The fact that anyone takes this guy seriously is incredibly disturbing.
Wow. Pretty offensive to me in how you portray tea baggers and pick on southern people. Southern people pay their taxes...you are not subsidizing my family.

"Best of all Glen Beck has gathered together an army that’s improbable existence has been duplicated in history only by the hundreds of thousands of dirt poor barefoot southerners who fought and died for the right of a few rich plantation owners to possess slaves." Wow. I'm tired of southerners being demonized and insulted. Please think about what you are saying and take me into consideration when you blanket a geographical area like that. It is unfair. It seems to have hate. Is your hate okay and "theirs" is not. I'm just saying...

However, Glenn Beck IS mentally ill. And I too cannot believe that people fall for such crazy propaganda. Very scary. But the liberal cable "journalists" are just as bad.

"In no other country in the world past or present has a rural minority ever been allowed to dictate government policy to the urban centers of population contrary..." Are urban dwellers superior to rural areas? Why is this so wrong?

Have you heard about that little thing called the Gulag? I am confused about the russian bit...no malice intended...just confused.

Thank you and respectfully curious.

Miss Nancy
I am not a tea bagger.

I hope I have not stepped over the bounds. I am very new to OS...Is a challenge even allowed her? A respectful challenge.
While I don't agree with everything you've said, you make compelling arguments nontheless. The writing is strong and heartfelt. Where I disagree is with your assessment of Pres Obama. I guess I just believe in him more than you do (and that's fine). I'm not saying I agree with everything that he's said or done or not done, but I'm convinced that it takes a little time to find your stride as President (no one can ever be truly prepared for it), and I believe he has finally found his. Excellent post.