MARCH 17, 2010 9:47PM


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Today, just after midnight, a friend of mine was murdered at the convenience store he was working at. It was one of three jobs he held. Just trying to get by. It was to be his last night at this job, because the hospital had hired him full time.

He had been robbed two weeks ago, and he had given them everything they wanted. There is a video on the news stations of the moment he lost his life at 1 am this morning. They're keeping it up so the public can help identify the murderer. Despite the nausea I felt at the idea of looking at it, I did. In it, it shows him giving them the money from the cash register. Almost immediately, he gets shot. He falls to his knees, gets back up and continues to take money out of the register and hands it to them. They flee at that moment and Tony falls to his knees, clasping his stomach.

 He leaves behind two small children and a legion of people who loved him.

I'm stunned. I'm sick. It feels unreal, but I know it's not. My friend is dead.


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Oh my god j lynne...I'm so sorry. This is horrible and senseless. My sincere condolences to you and Tony's family friends.
Horrible, and so random. I'm so sorry, for you and for his family.
Very tragic. I am so sorry for you all his friends and family. Very sorry and sad.
What a terrible story. He looks like such a vibrant young man.
So incredibly sorry.
I know your pain...I do. And it's something I don't wish on anyone. I'm so very, very sorry.
I'm sorry to hear this Jay. Shit.
Jesus. WTF is the matter with this world?

Very sorry to hear this.
damn damn damn .. call me ok
fuck. fuck. FUCK. i am so damn sorry. those poor wee babies...
I am so sorry. I hope they get whoever did this and that the person never gets out.
My father was murdered in 2006 during a robbery. It is so hard to deal with.
I am so sorry. To see it on the news over and over surely rips holes in the hearts of everyone that loves him. I hope they find the person who did it.
truly horrific. i'm so so sorry for his family and for you.
Oh no, he looks like such a friendly, happy guy. I am so, so sorry. And babies and a wife left behind.

Just. Awful.
life sucks randomly at times, no other explanation
How very awful, for everyone, for your young friend, such a tragic loss. Love to all..
This is so horrible and so sad, that a life has to be taken in this way. Brought tears to my eyes. {{Hugs}} to you J lynne. Prayers and thoughts for his family.
Makes me also scared for my youngest daughter and son-in-law, because they both work at convenience stores too.
I am so sorry, for him, his family, you, his friends. My fear is as more lose all hope this is going to happen more. These are such scary times and you have shown how scary, how close to home it can hit.
I am so very sorry.
I'm so sorry ... this is just so tragic.

I'm contemplating opening another business, this time in retailing. And I've been thinking for a while that I will not accept cash-money for any transaction (debit & credit cards only) and post that prominently on the business windows (in several languages).

And your friend's story is the exact reason why -- with debit/credit-cards-only, there will be no reason to burglarize or rob.

Hopefully, we are only a few years away from using our fancy-schmacy smart-phones to make purchases (like they do in Europe and Asia) so that the reason for cash-money will go away completely.

I'm sorry it will be too late for your friend. Again, this is heartbreaking.
Thanks everyone for your comforting words. What's crazy is that I'm just the friend. I can't imagine how devastated his family is.
Jesus, j lynne, I'm so, so sorry for your loss, and for the loss of him to so many. Damn. I wish I had something better to offer.
This was terrible. What kind of person...,well, I am deeply sorry!
This is just terrible.
j lynne

My deepest sympathies. Words cannot take away your pain. I hope they at least bring you comfort.
Oh my gosh.....I am so sorry. How horrible and evil.....I'm so sorry.