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J D Smith

J D Smith
December 20
Married and in the heartland of the USA with little to say and nothing to say it with.


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MAY 4, 2012 11:22PM

Passion Flies

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Cool winds blow in and through and around the eaves,

and increase in intensity as oaken boards moan with delight.

Such winds rustle more than leaves,

pressing against hearts and minds;

the beginnings of “something.”  


In the fields of a morning sunrise he stands,

eyes to the heavens as God paints the magic of a new day of hope,

and he then casts his heart to the winds to be flown about,

and to land where it will,

for love he does not seek by design.  


His love mounts the prevailing winds of chance,

and shifts back and forth flitting between the fates

as the sun rises higher yet and stirs the energies and passions,

of all the myriad possibilities that exist.  


Love blown to corners unknown,

and to places unseen by his eyes.    



The prevailing winds blow crisp on this approaching night,

where the lights of love-sick fireflies dance on these cool wisps as one.

Moonstruck eyes cast skyward this moment too,

as one so beautiful casts her love to the winds as did he.


She does not seek love in the places all would look,

but casts her lot as he with the winds of fate and chance,

and with a divine intervention that pulls two such travelers of the hearts

in directions that may match over time.   


There is a magic in winds such as these,

where chance and fate and divine intervention meet,

and a chemistry of chaos reigns over love

as two await their turns in the energies

and passions of the wind.  


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passion, poem, love

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Well, my timing seemed just right tonight, JD. Logged on for just a few minutes and found this.
"the winds of fate and chance"
Beautiful words, my friend.
Gosh Tril.....thanks yet again!
Always so wonderful to see you around OS
There is magic in winds such as ... as there is magic in your poetry, JD.

Beautiful. Very beautiful.
Oops! ** such as these

: )
Glad you are writing again. This mood is good for you, i think.r
I’m delighted this gem blew my way
JD, I really enjoy your writing :)
Lovely wording, JD, as always.
A pleasure visiting your blog.
Whoops! I keep forgetting to rate b4 adding my comments. Sorry!
Katie : Thanks so very very much!!!

hugs_me: Gee...you think so?

M.C.S. : Really? You are so kind!

Poor Woman : Thanks for visiting me!!!
goosebumps, jd.

exhilarating description, and captures the randomness of it all, too, very nicely.

thank you.
One of the poets I like reading here. Beautiful words. r
DJ : You're DJ...I'm JD.....anywho....

hilarad: Gosh....THANKS SO MUCH!!!
I love this. thank you.
Wren D: Thanks!!!!
This was just stunning. Sorry I did not get to it right away.

I agree with you on soft and thank you for liking my piece on might have been.

And I shall heed your counsel on dreams.
Mary : Dreams are often so much better than the reality,...don't you think?
"... the lights of love-sick fireflies dance ..."

Lovely, JD. Midsummer Nights lovely. Thank you, this was a treat.
Loved it. I hope those oaken boards have some extra "Minwax" on them. :-) RRRR