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J D Smith

J D Smith
December 20
Married and in the heartland of the USA with little to say and nothing to say it with.


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MARCH 10, 2012 9:59PM

The Ride

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Upon the top of the cyclops of a building,

a single eye casts light into the night sky,

spinning, spinning,

slowly and forever searching. 



Its constant search knows lonely in the heart of this city,

and I gaze upon it night and night again,

casting about darkened skies for something never found,

searching for a heart in the midst of millions.


How often I have imagined finding her here;

perhaps an enchanted glass-enclosed elevator ride,

where I see her there looking up to the same lonely light;

lost in this metal city with no heart a part of hers.


She  meets my eyes, and in them I see a flicker of recognition,

of kindred spirits voyaging skyward together for a moment,

riding outside the steel skeleton in a glass box together,

lifting off of the ground and ascending the night skies as one.



I reach to her, and lightly play my fingers on her bare shoulder,

as she turns open to me and locks our eyes together.

a gravity unknown pulls us close together in the dim light,

as my fingers slide to the curve of her hip and linger,…touching.


Without conscious thought I bend my lips to hers,

and rest them on the fraility of her lightly pursed lips;

allowing each of us to feel the warmth of breath,

and the friction of delicate lips on those so hungry.


                        My hands slide behind her,

                         and pull her closer still,

                      and she leans heavily into me

                  against the transparency of the glass.


          No thoughts now, but rather passion;

                          no hesitation now but acts;

as both the elevator and I rise

                and prepare for the ride to come.


Hungry hips come together in wild passion

as the elevator continues to climb,

          My hands and hers touch all there is to touch,

               explore all there is to explore,

                   and as the elevator approaches the apex,

                                so do we,groaning and screaming out

                                             in passion’s unhindered joy! 


Such passion is the singularity of joy in life,

but on this night and for this ride,

only imagination stirs me.


She never sees me,

her Blackberry blinking in her hand,

as she casts yet one last look at the spinning light,

..........................and sighs.

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Uhm...is this maybe a little too.......uhm....you know???

A little ...um ... yeah ... but ... well.... whew!!!

But did you have to come back down to earth with a such a thud?
Katie, should I maybe take this post down??
No!!! Of course not!!

JD, you make me smile. Thank you. : )
Oh Look - my 2 favorite people.
Would this have gotten you into the mile-high club?
No, no taking this down. Love how you took us on this ride, JD.
Tril : The Mile High Club? You mean you are a Denver Broncos fan???? LOL
JD, DO NOT take this down. Wow. I mean - seriously WOW. Is it hot in here??
Wow. Really, JD. No taking this post down.
UB ; Are you SURE it is not too provocative???
No, no, no, JD. It's perfect. Took my breath away. It's really, really good. Let me put it this way: it's perfectly provocative . This is some of your best. I love it.
UB : Okey dokey....it stays up! Thanks so much for your kind words!!!
You're welcome but I'm just telling the truth. :-)
UB : Just watch out for glass enclosed elevators!!! LOL
I'm searching for one as we speak. ;-)
Your rider took the elevator down---you should NOT take this poem "down" from OS!

JD your imagination pushes buttons for people, while "she" pushes the buttons on her BlackBerry. Hmmmmm. Now THAT'S poetry!
my my JD, I did a little foray into the oolala type of poetry also, it felt a bit uncomfortable too.
hey, just run with it, we're all more than of age here on OS.
Of course you won't take this post down! But I sure wish she would have sat the Blackberry aside to see who you are...
I well, I ...... whew :)
rita : Well....I was just in one of those moods I guess. Hopefully, nobody is too offended.

LL2 : Did you run outta words, friend??? :)
This is perfect, JD. It is one of your best. R and hopefully hugs with a beautiful girl in a glass elevator for you!
Take it down???????

WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!
Uh ... the elevator and you "rise?" In what way may I ask? Okay. Don't answer. I love the way you consistently lay down your delicious imagination at our feet. What a gift! xoxoxoxo
Zumalicious : Thank you so much for kind words

Chicago Guy: I'm convinced. Up it stays! Thanks!
Joan : A little imagination can go a long way!!! (Yeah..I meant it...lol)
What a ride!!!!! Even if it's in the mind, or maybe especially because it's in the mind.
MH : Gee thanks !!!
toritto : Thank you so much!
It's simply awesome! Reminds me of why I keep my eyes on the descending/ascending numbers of the floors, perhaps for fear of catching the eye of the forbidden.
Cathy : Interesting perspective. For me...it is just claustrophobia....let me off asap! Thanks for your kind words.
I enjoyed the play of words and the imagery that you invoked with this piece. My imagination went wild!! Thank you~
Golly...thanks MM !!!!!