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October 22
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MAY 4, 2012 11:56AM

The Bald Eagle–Alive and Well, and On My Front Lawn (Photos)

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It swooped in and landed gracefully in the snow, the very image of resilience: the great American Bald Eagle. I love this bird, with its wing-spread of eight feet and its immeasurable spirit. Usually I stop what I am doing to be present when one comes to visit, the way I pause to listen to "Bridge Over Troubled Water " when it comes on the radio. There's just  something pure and sacred about it.



After years of being on the endangered species list, the bald eagle is rebounding and is now a more frequent sight in coastal Maine.



With all that we struggle with as a nation - the economy, family, health, relationships, the environment - I believe this bird is still appropriate as our national symbol.



May its beauty, simplicity and ability to bounce back continue to be a sign of hope to us all.



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Often nothing is more powerful than nature -
Thank you - the word 'majestic' really applies here...
Wonderful LWC! thanks for the post....they are such magical raptors...
One cool consequence of the bald eagle's resurgence has been to help save another endangered species, the foxes on the Channel Islands off California. Golden eagles eat those little cuties, but now the bald eagles have returned to the islands, the goldens have moved out. They don't get along apparently, even though they have different diets.
i watch bald eagles fish the hockanum from my backyard ... yes, majestic creatures.

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