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Insane Wanderer
Mumbai, India
November 28
I am an engineering student , a wannabe photographer , a biker at heart , a traveller and explorer by hobby .


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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 10:53AM

Khopoli Fast

A result of tampering my mobile phone resulted in this ride . Tuesday night before going to the bed I happened to set my alarm in the mobile for 9 Am . In the night I received an automated call from BPL mobile and I reset the alarm to 7
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FEBRUARY 5, 2009 9:34AM

Ashtavinayak Yatra



The plannings and preparations for this ride started way back in September 2008 . It was Prasad and me who decided that this ride is to be done on 24-26 of January . Initially the plans were in place for a three day ride there were some guy'sRead full post »

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FEBRUARY 1, 2009 8:58AM

Actions of Sun

A Sunday morning Pic


A Sunday morning sky and sun trying to make its way through the clouds


Sun setting

Sun setting - Same sunday but an evening view from my window


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JANUARY 29, 2009 8:24AM

Sunset at Kelwa Beach

Sun setting at kelwa beach
JANUARY 28, 2009 10:53AM

A Race Lost and a Love found

It was a Tuesday and after surviving 5 hours of lectures and two hours of lab on a not so bright evening I headed towards the parking lot only to find that someone had sprayed dirty water on my motorcycle . Wasting no time I pulled out a piece of cloth… Read full post »

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JANUARY 26, 2009 2:01AM

Kamshet Ride

I happened to have had a fierce arguement with my dad for not letting me ride to Ganpatiphule . On Sunday evening he allowed me to ride solo to Kamshet . Wasting no time i called all my biker buddies to ask if they are giving me a company
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JANUARY 23, 2009 11:52AM

Cliff Hunt Ride

It was a dull Friday evening on 16th of January and the thoughts of college reopening on Monday had started bothering me . I went googling in search of a nice destination near Mumbai and zeroed in on Jawhar - Vikramgad for a Sunday ride . Saturday night… Read full post »