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FEBRUARY 14, 2012 6:10PM

Mormons Baptizing, Recruiting Dead Jews

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Mormon Church  officials have issued an apopolgy after   the church was caught having performed baptisms of deceased Jewish Holocaust survivor and war criminal tracer SimonWeisenthal's  equally  Jewish,  equally dead parents. 

I suppose the Mormon Church feels that there aren't enough  born or consentingly converted Mormons- and that  they have the right to create new ones- by baptizing people who never had the slightest interest in being Mormon in their lifetime.   Insulting, bigoted,  arrogant, self righteous are words which come to mind.  I guess if you're dead- you're fair game for these crazies...




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I cannot believe this.. This takes the damn cake.

I think it says something very telling about the Mormon mindset and attitude towards other religions and non Mormons...
You are not looking at their long term gaols, in three hundred years, opposition to the acts they are taking now will be forgotton, and the record books, and believe me the mormons keep the BEST record books, will show the millions of innocent "mormons" who were killed in the holocaust.

think about that for a miute.

Rewriting history, right in front of your eyes.

Now that is scary. If Romney becomes Prez- I can see the Mormon Church getting just a bit of special treatment...
They've been baptizing dead folks for awhile. I do too, except I baptized dead prostitutes. Nobody wants to baptize them!! :D


You're a genuine humanitarian ;)
I have already unsubscribed from the posthumous Mormon baptism/religious conversion option. The Mormons can have Marv Albert - he's a biter with a toupee.
Man, if this doesn't show how flaky religion is, nothing ever will.!!!.
If a talk-to-the-dead circus charlatan was trying to contact your grandfather through his crystal ball, would you say "Stop bothering my grandfather," or would you say, "That's a bunch of hooey" and walk away?

I sincerely do not understand why this bothers non-Mormons of any faith or non-faith. If my understanding is correct about the extent of the Mormons' posthumous baptism activities, most of us have ancestors whose names the Mormons have used in these rituals. Doesn't bother me.

To object to this practice is to reveal that you sense some effect on the 'baptized' ancestors or on their descendants, which is an admission that at some level, you believe in it.

I just don't understand why non-believers object.

have the Mormons unsubscribed YOU?

my sentiments exactly-
@ Karen McKim,
It bothers me for the same reason the Westboro Baptists' funeral protests bother me. It a group of people trying to put their beliefs on those who have not invited them. It is a lack of respect. Period.


The arrogance, presumptuousness, self righteousness- the only we have the truth and we're going to make damn sure we share it with you benighted, morally inferior, false prophet worshiping gentiles (their term for non Mormons- even Jewish ones) attitude - the only we can save your souls (whether you want us to or not) mentality could be why non Mormons are not happy with this offensive and insulting insanity.

some people just don't get it...