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SEPTEMBER 18, 2011 5:40PM

How Can You Not Love These Guys?

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Barry- what the hell is WRONG with you? Of course taxing millionaires is a bad idea, you ingrate.

Its also un-American, un patriotic, and advancing your pro-Muslim, socialistic, fascistic agenda.

Millionaires should never be taxed- they should be worshipped as the superior beings they obviously are- and remember- God loves them- or they wouldn't be rich. So by taxing them you are offending god- you heathen,  traitor, atheist pig.

Millionaries (and billionaires, obviously) are the highest form of life and the very  BEST Amerikkkans. They need to have their every idea made law, catered to in all areas,  anbd treated with the utmost respect. Kissing their feet and asses  should be mandatory for all lesser life forms, since they are the only ones in this society who really count. Its nice to see that the Republican members of Congress and their  theo- fascistic corporatacracy allies already have this technique down pat. Setting a good example for the rest of society to emulate.

Asking them to pay a more equitable amount of taxes is just plain immoral as well as wrong.

The ones who need to be taxed  more extensively are the low income , worthless parasites who consume valuable resources- like air, water, fuel and food which should go to their more deserving bretheren. Its their moral and civic duty to support their betters. And the Repugs in Congress  have made it their goal to ensure that the delicate millionaires and their  extensive  law defined privileged conditions  are properly protected from  even the slightest threat by the  sub human masses (AKA- average income Americans).

How can you not love  Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and the rest of them?

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class warfare anyone?

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Yes indeed, God bless McConnell, Boehner and the rest of 'em! As I said on my blog a few days ago, anyone who'd want to take more money in taxes from millionaires must hate America. The wealthy are the job creators whereas workers are parasitical mooches who've had a free ride for far too long, and anybody who doesn't get that is going against God's plan.
They shoot horses don't they?
Is everyone on drugs?
People have often said things here on OS that have made me spit my coffee all over my keyboard. This is the first blog that leaves me with vomit to clean up.....


"They need to have their every idea made law"

Hell yeah!!!!!!! :D
I agree! make the deadbeats pay up and stop picking on the job creators! Make the poor pay more taxes that that'll motivate them to get rich. Once we're all rich, we won't need the government and we can eliminate taxes.

I need to go and take my medicine now.
nana- absolutely-Their Christian god is on their side. Although their version of Jesus doesn't seem to be the one who cared about the poor and less fortunate and championed them. Must be a different Jesus.

The workers and ordinary citizens should be grateful the Repugs haven't taxed the air yet- although I'm sure if they could they would.

What I don't understand is why lower/average income working people VOTE for these assholes and against their own self interest.

Too much sarcasm can be hazardous to one's health- or keyboard.
Hope it cleaned up well.
Mitch McConnell and John Boehner's faces should be added to Mt Rushmore- or more properly put on a roll of toilet paper, as befitting their status as asswipes.

I think that's the Teabagger platform- eliminating government, since once they take over, all good Amerikkkans- ie- rich people will live in their own self contained bubbles and no longer have to interact with society in general, or use any worthless governmental services- like food and drug safety, roads, banking, hospitals, national secruity, public education, and the like. Why pay for what will only benefit the parasitic peasants?
" God loves them- or they wouldn't be rich." I get it. :-}
trilogy- see how simple and logical it is.

Just ask Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann or the wealthy teabagger of your choice. God loves them- so they're rich. Obviously poor people are in disfavor with the almighty or are evil, morally deficient or somehow inferior and unworthy- because otherwise they'd be basking in god's love and be rich too. And since they're out of favor with god- it might anger god- and definitely would be a sin, for the government ( composed of good rich people whom god loves) to help them...