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FEBRUARY 26, 2012 8:43PM

Fighting Taliban Is Everyone's Business

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For over a decade the United States of America and its NATO allies shouldered most of the burden for fighting Taliban. That is unfair and unrightful. Taliban wants to take over the whole world, not only America. Which means that fighting the Taliban is everyone's business, and that other countries should make sizeable contributions in money and in troops.

The Indians, the Chinese, the Russians and the Latin Americans should also be on the ground in large numbers. It's not as if these countries are at a shortage of people to send. Russia has 15 million troops in reserve; China has 2 million on active duty. China and India both have over a billion people, and each has over 100 million able-bodied men without stable employment. If America, with a much smaller population and much smaller number of troops, can be waging this war, then so should these other countries. And America has enough problems already without having to shoulder most of the costs of this war.

I repeat: Taliban is a threat to everyone, not just America. They want the world and they want it now. Their strategy toward this has been to infiltrate every group - from Khmer Rouge onward - that has a problem with present state of affairs and make them their allies. And what these groups do not realize is that this is the same behavior as was showed by Cortez, when upon landing in meso-America he appropriated the enemies of Aztecs and sent them to destroy the Aztec city-state Tenochtitlan. The problem is that Cortez did not only want to destroy Tenochtitlan; he also wanted to enslave its neighbors, and he did. The people who side with the Taliban because they hate America do not realize that Taliban does not only want America. It also wants them.

Now there can be any number of reasons why someone may hate America; but there are many more reasons to hate Taliban. They throw sulfuric acid into girls' faces for going to school or for not wearing burqa. They murder their daughters for getting raped. They are the most brutal, most oppressive and most destructive political force on the planet. And if anyone thinks that Taliban will lead them to better places than global economy, they are living in hallucination. It will be them getting publicly caned, and it will be their daughters getting sulfuric acid thrown in their faces.

For this reason this war requires active and significant contribution from other countries besides America and its NATO allies. A global threat requires a global response. America is burdened enough as is, and it is rightful that other countries step up to the plate. They will be fighting not only to save America but also to save their countries; and that is something that they can afford to do and can ill afford not to do.

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Your point is well taken, besides, I think America has its own internal enemies to take care of first. Presently it's falling backwards through decades of accomplishment in women's rights and freedoms over their own bodies - to name one.
Not at all to defend the Taliban, but, um, isn't it the United States of America that long has wanted to rule the world? And that pretty much does?

Isn't the U.S. against the Taliban pretty much like an NFL team against a junior-high-school flag football team?

You don't believe that it's possible that you exaggerate the threat of the Taliban a bit too much?
FusunA: Yes.

Robert: Taliban is not to be underestimated. They are technically inferior to USA, but they've done a lot of infiltrating of people who have a problem with the status quo, and in some places they've been spreading like gangrene. Their goal is world domination, and they are a major problem.

Barbara: Pozhaluysta.