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DECEMBER 6, 2008 11:46AM

Worst boss, best job...

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I used to work in a recording studio where I would do everything from getting coffee to working with bands on recording their music, basic wiring, and setting up and tearing down equipment. I was lucky to be paid my measly $5 per hour, but that wasn't what was bad about the job. My boss was an ex model/dancer who had gained a lot of weight over the years, but still believed "every woman should always look her best". She would get on my case about not wearing makeup, letting my hair just hang free, not wearing cute dresses to work, etc. She basically treated me like a little doll and had no concept that I spent most of my days on the floor doing wiring projects, running cables, and in the presence of young males for whom a girl in a dress and makeup would be a definite distraction. As one of the few women in a male dominated industry, it was much more important for me to be one of the guys in order to be taken seriously. I had many arguments with her, and the last straw came when she sat me down one morning and started putting makeup on me in front of my coworkers!! I was mortified and felt so violated. I got my revenge by working hard, learning what I could... and eventually getting a job offer at another studio for double the pay and health benefits!

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So often it is not the function we are asked to perform but the people we have to deal with which makes a job a nightmare. Glad she's in your rear view mirror.
Wow. You know, that could have been considered physical assault. Good comeupence!
How cool of you to just be cool about the whole thing.
I used to work in set design and props in the television and movie industry when I was in my twenties. My work was physical. All day. Jeans and tennis shoes were de rigour. The make up ladies were always trying to "girly" me up! I worked with all guys. The last thing I wanted was to be looked at while I was lifting a set flat or a piece of furniture. GAH! Plueeese...I cleaned up pretty good when not working and rather enjoyed the shock on co-workers faces when I'd show up at wrap parties in a dress and make up. There's a time and place for every thing, right?
Thumbs up!
I have had women obsessed with the fact that I seldom wear make-up. They are so annoying! Glad you found a better job!
Success is always the best revenge.
Wow, I'm just thinking about what it must be like inside the head of that woman. I'm guessing, not pretty.

Nice post.
Yeah, I'm with m ah on this one: What was She thinking? Did she feel, almost zealotlike, that it was her duty? Very inconsiderate, obviously, but did, could, she understand that?

Glad you moved on. We should be happy, in heart in mind, in our work. Or at least unmolested, n'est-ce pas?
People are incredible! Wow.