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MARCH 16, 2012 9:12AM

Is Pinterest For GCBs only?

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Call me naive. Do it. I dare you. I signed up for Pinterest a while back thinking that it would be a nifty little tool to store links I like on the internet and share them with friends.  I figured it would make it easier to remember recipes I like or shoes I want. I didn't really realize that anyone and their mother would be able to see my pins and, worse yet, comment on them. Yeah. Sometimes I forget that just any moron with an iPad can access the internet. Sue me.

I tend to post links on Facebook with vague comments like "Rude" or "This Offends Me". My friends all know me and they know what I mean. You read me, you know how easily offended I am. Hell you offend me. Apparently you can't do that or say what you want on Pinterest as I learned recently after pinning a recipe for homemade brownie roll-ups. While I adore the Cookies and Cups website,I'm pretty sure that the woman who runs it is one of Satan's minions unleashed upon the world with the single goal of making me  fat. If she has her way, and I'm pretty sure she will, I'll weigh 500lbs in a year's time and Dave will leave me. Therefore I find it rude of her to keep posting these recipes on the internet, and I said so. Then some random woman I've never met felt the need to comment on it. Seriously? Where did she come from? Talk about rude. I don't know you and I wasn't talking to you. Get off my board.

Honestly, that made me think twice about bothering to pin things or to browse the site, and since that time I've not really put much on my boards.  I also have other things to do with my day. But then this morning my friend Annie, an avid rabid pinner, discovered that the GCBs of Pinterest had taken issue with something she pinned last month. Now Annie, while she is no saint is a good Christian girl, who did give up using the "C" word for Lent, along with chocolate, box wine, and wearing a rhinestone thong. But apparently posting a picture of John Cusack giving his own two cents on Jesus and politics is enough to get the GCB out in force. Next thing I know they are throwing words like "CHRISTian" and "Satanic death cult" and suddenly Annie and I are (willingly) going to hell with John Cusack.  WTF? Who are these women?

 Are they all good Christian bitches? Probably not, but sheesh they sure are an nosy bunch of women who like pastel floral arrangements, spending way too much money on throwing children's birthday parties, and learning how to make purses out of soda can tabs. Totally not my people.

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You can always post your vintage recipe cards in revenge.
don't need another website addiction, since i don't cook much anymore, don't believe in god and am not crafty, i don't think they are my peeps either.
I gave up religion for Lent, and I'm a lot better off for it.
You're probably going to pin me to the wall for this but I'm a Christian woman and what I say is, "AMEN!" :)
I'm with John Cusack! And I'm afraid to even look at pinterest, I already know two people who are addicted! And I get weak for cake -- a Cookies & Cups website seems very very dangerous. I'm thinking maybe it should be illegal...
CBGs or not, I'm keeping my crush on Kristin Chenoweth.
The term is "to pin'' is it? Well, that discounts me from ever checking it out then.
Though I suppose my commenting here is a bit like that random woman commenting on your pinterest account. Now I'm not sure what to do.
Some people just have too much time on their hands. I think they browse the internet just looking for a good fight!
your sugar addled, menopausal brain is overlooking obvious resources. you could win those twisted battleaxes over with a mere flick of one of those disgusting recipes cards of yours. lay them DOWN with tangerine sections and spam the meatproduct floating in lime jello on a garish red platter.

I just wiki'd because I didn't have a clue what in hell you were referring to. turns out: "GCB (TV series)‎ (formerly titled Good Christian Belles), a 2012 American drama/comedy series based on the book Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin"


clearly they don't know who they're fucking with. they need to be shown who's who and what's what. link to one of your aspic recipes. pronto.
I must live in a small world as I have never even heard of this but I thank you for the heads up!!!! I get enough crap on Facebook from my inlaws no chance in hell I would go play with the Stepford wifes.
Great writing. Funny, witty with a bite. My kind of humor.
I'm sorry. I just have to pin this.
Yes the pinterest site is full of goodies.

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Yeah, the GCBs and GCAHs like to come out and defend the God from heathens such as yourself(me too!! I saved one of the emails I got from a reverend.sheriff deputy in Idaho who told me I was leading people down the road to Satan! And yes, that's on my resume!! :D)

It's fun, keep doing it!! You're good at it!! ;D

Funny I was looking up my name with Pinterest and found your chocolate roll ups. I thought, whats this and found you here with this post. Funny how this thing works and even funnier how it is so out there right now. Anyhow lovely post and I hear you. Maybe yu could just post in a pinch, if you had nothing else to do. You know lately I have been reading the addiciton to various sites more and more. This is like out of a wierd science fiction novel where everyone is addicted to devices and sites and that is all anyone ever wants to do. Feels like your leaving your mark. Getting your POV out there and perhaps making a few cyber friends too. Well I am not sure about the whole thing and I am glad my age group is finally sounding off about this and fighting back somewhat. I wonder what it is like for the youth? Maybe this is more addictive than cigarettes and TV. Maybe everyone is getting so distracted they are forgetting what life is really about. Maybe someone will invade us and we will not even know it because we are all too addicted to our devices and websites? PS yes there are always exceptions to the rule!