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JUNE 25, 2010 2:18PM

From the Realm of Things I Do Not Understand:Jackson Worship

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Guess what? Michael Jackson's dead!  Who knew? Who cares?  I don't, but apparently thousands of people do. Tons of them have taken to the streets in Los Angeles to weep and moonwalk in celebration of the anniversary of his death. Gah. Last night a bunch of them gathered around the wrong Michael Jackson star on the Hollywood Walk-of-Shame Fame.  Yeah, there's more than one Michael Jackson in the entertainment industry you morons.

I'll grant ya, the man (boy, pixie, carnival act) was a fairly decent artist.  Not my kind of music, but hey I don't like The Beatles either, so what do I know, right?  What I do know is that Michael Jackson was not, I repeat, was not a freakin' saint.

For most of his adult life he was plagued, and I would suspect with good reason, with rumors, innuendos, and criminal charges for behaving inappropriately with children.  I don't care that he was never convicted, as far as I'm concerned where there's smoke and out of court settlements, there's fire. Dying doesn't wipe that slate clean, and it doesn't entitle you to a halo and saint hood.

So to the lunatics gathered in the streets of Los Angeles today I say "Get your pathetic, crying, glove wearing, Michael Jackson was a martyr loving asses out of the street.  You're blocking traffic." 


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Agreed. Don't these people have to work?
Yes, there is definitely something wrong with this picture. But I'm just a curmudgeon about the dead, I guess. It always irks me when a public figure dies and people act like all this wipes the slate clean and turns the (now dead) person into some kind of Saint.
Just add Jackson to the Celebrity Death Cult list.

You ... don't ... like ... The ... Beatles ... ! ... ?
So, did you see the Bubble's special on Animal Planet? :D
I'm having a spa day in honor of Farrah
Gee, I thought that you meant Andrew Jackson. I guess I now officially qualify a clueless.

But I'll admit to being just as puzzled as you are.

You don't like the Beatles - really? Or, is it just that you're more of a Stones-type?
Michael Jackson died?
Musically speaking, I was never so happy as when Kurt's Nirvana came along and knocked MJ off the top of the charts.
Phil Jackson worship is a bit creepy too!
I don't get the Beatles either, but I don't feel like I can actually tell you that I love you, so I'm just going to hide behind a big fat, fuck off Surly.

And because however great an artist he was (also not my thang), no amount of genius excuses molesting children.
Later allegations of child molestation notwithstanding, Michael Jackson's music and life represented a great deal to millions of young people. He is a symbol of success, fun, joy, music, triumph against racism, artistic genius and a champion of children. He is the King of Pop. It saddens me when people cannot see the tremendous contributions and prefer to see only the accusations.
Having a shitty childhood is no excuse for creating a shitty one for other children-----jeeze louise, as ADULTS the guy's face creeped us out so much that we had to change the channel or leave the room whenever he appeared. Can you imagine that thing closing in on a child?

I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about that twisted creep. How anyone can celebrate his life is beyond comprehension. (and yeah, I loved "Beat it" as much as the next music lover, but now even the title gives heebies to my jeebies.)

Thanks for speaking up!
you know, i wonder the exact same thing about that dead pedophile named elvis.
Well, the same thing happens at Graceland every year. I'm not defending it, but it seems that many people in our country would rather remember Elvis or Michael Jackson than somebody like Martin Luther King. Harumphf.
Personally, I don't understand the love for Jackson either. Great perfomer yes, creepy person yes. But I'm far from convinced he was a child molester. Anyone who followed his court case closely knows it was a pretty pathetic attempt at a shakedown. Going further with that statement would require writing a lengthy post I have little interest in writing, though I will if challenged. I support the statement some comedian made: "Michael Jackson's not a pedophile, he's an X-file."
On this we agree 1000%. Fucking freak.
I agree with you. I never could understand the Jackson hysteria. As far as what he did with kids is concerned....who knows for sure. One thing for sure, if you've got money you can get away with just about anything.
I wonder if Dick Cheney will get the same respect when his heart finally pops.
Someone woke up on the wrong side of bed, or the floor, today, isn't it.
God! You would have to bring back the memories. I'd just had 4 feet of bowel removed and was in a closet-sized hospital room that had been a supply closet, was on morphine, and the only thing on TV was MJ tributes. I was SO pissed off that I couldn't give myself enough morphine to stay passed out.
That's a lot of information right there, Markin.
What can I say - Surly inpires me.
There's no doubt Jacko was sick but how deep it went only he knows. But I don't let that take away from his art any more than I would for Chaplin or Lewis Carroll or Da Vinci.

As for not getting the Beatles, neither do most black people (though you'll hear a liking for "Hey Jude"). So maybe you could have bonded with them on that :)
IMHO MJ was pure a pop star entertainer who came on the scene with some world class demons. He produced a great body of work despite the above.
The Beatles, on the other hand, did evolve from just entertainment.
I am a huge Michael Jackson...but didn't understand the hysteria today. But then again, he's just another major artist that people were genuinely a fan of. He inspired a lot of dancers, a lot of writers, and a lot of artists..so sure why not pay tribute? Dying won't wipe your slate clean...but we can change it nor can justice be redeemed now. It's all done and over with and he will continue to be worshiped year after year...just like Elvis. Simple as that.
Yay! Finally some common sense!
I don't get grieving continuously for any pop icon 0r entertainment figure. There are people who are dead that we really really didn't need to lose. Top medical researchers, inventors, great writers and philosophers -- people who sang (and didn't even write -- except for Lennon) a few good songs don't quite cut it.
The last paragraph is probably the funniest paragraph I've read on OS.