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June 28
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JANUARY 29, 2012 10:22AM

God Speaks

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For some reason, I get  turned off when I hear another person say that God spoke to him or her. It sounds pretentious, righteous, and pompous to me. Even though I would never ask this question, it runs through my mind, "Who do you think you are?" "Why would God talk to you and not to me?"

And yet, it dawned on me quite heavily the other day when I was running at my favorite park by the river, that God does speak to me also. He speaks to me all the time no matter where I am. He doesn't use words. I don't hear voices and not even sure I would recognize Him if he did use words. I would probably think I was hallucinating or going nuts if I heard "words."

God speaks to me through my environment and the people around me. After a rough week emotionally, the sparkling river I run by brightens my soul.  The wave and acknowledgement from another runner heading the opposite direction reminds me I'm not alone. Seeing an unexpected lone goose standing along the running path delighted me, causing me to wonder where he came from. The orange setting sun sharing its last rays for the day never ceases to touch me with its beauty and warmth. The smile of a friend or even a stranger speaks volumes to me as the occasional hug that happens to come my way.

I truly believe that if we are open to God we will hear, feel, and see Him. He is not bounded by any church or synagogue. He is everywhere we go, and is present every day, every minute of our lives. Every ounce of hope, joy, and love that I experience are gifts from Him and I am most truly grateful. Without Him, I would be lost.

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Even if I don't have much to say, I'm going to post my thoughts (some of them.) At least, it gets me writing....
yes, He does and it does other people good to read your innermost thoughts as we are all connected in some ways and sometimes your thoughts are really my thoughts and reading it on a post kind of reinforces that sense of connection and inspires one to stay the course and not flounder - am glad you posted. Rated.
this is a fine good thought, even if tis the only one u do.
or can. for it is real.

within lies the kingdom.


connected in subjectivity.

subjectivity is a special realm not to be dissed. or denied.

by any church or churchgoer. a holy
of you.?!

Without sounding insensitive, I don't think "god" talks to anyone... there's an entire Universe out there that requires attention. Those geese and sunsets and smiling, hugging friends are our own sense of place being satisfied and comforted. If people find comfort in settling on "god did it", well, good for them I guess. Whatever works.
I'm with you, I'd never presume to know every single thing in the Universe. Especially who hears what inside their head, or out loud. If God chooses to speak to out loud to someone I'm just glad it's not me because it might not be praise.

As far as others who say there is no God, I do believe there is a God. Even physicists can't prove there isn't or is one. I try to keep in mind that smart people of their time once thought we wouldn't put a man on the moon. They thougth they knew, but they were just wrong. Everyone has a right to be really wrong.

I see evidence of people's goodness as well as unkindness (and often physical cruelty) everywhere. I see no evidence of God's cruelty but see evidence of God's goodness everywhere, it speaks softly to me too. It's what held me through the many times I was alone and lost.
lovely! could be published in a religious mag
I'm glad you shared your thoughts, P. That's the god I believe in and that god doesn't divide his creation into religions and sects and groups. You had a wonderful revelation. Celebrate it!
I was startled by your first paragraph.
Why wouldn't you believe God speaks to anyone, however the 'speaking' manifests, when you are so devout?
Then I read on...
Beautifully heartfelt writing.
I find it stunning, myself, when someone decides God doesn't 'speak' to anyone at all, ever.
Such omniscience!
Such arrogance!
Just Thinking.....thank you. I can't tell you enough how it saddens me deeply when others deny God's existence.