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June 28
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 10:18PM

OpenSalon Will Meet In Kansas City, Missouri

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0701p48a-kansas_city-m It's really a happening place and it's really happening!
Don't tell me you've forgotten already!
You are invited to Kansas City, Missouri....any time, but there are a group of us from OpenSalon who will be gathering in Kansas City on the weekend of October 9 - 10, 2009! Yes, for you skeptical bloggers and writers who didn't think it would or could happen, it's happening! Come join us for a weekend you won't forget!
On Friday evening, October 9, we will meet for dinner at one of the local restaurants and then tour the famous Nelson-Atkins Art Museum located near the equally famous Kansas City Plaza with it's abundant historical fountains. The restaurant hasn't been decided upon simply because there are so many to choose from. We've narrowed it down to: "Westport Flea Market Bar & Grill," "Thai Place," "Californos," "Jerusalem Cafe," or "Tatsu's Parlor." It will depend on what people want, French, Thai, Hamburgers, or Middle East.



On Saturday the fun continues at Loose Park which is located near the Plaza and is probably one of the most beautiful parks with its pond, gardens of colorful flowers, arches and trees all spread out on spacious rolling hills of green. After that, we'll spend some time walking the streets of the Kansas City Plaza where there is  a variety of shopping and dining experiences spread out among the artistic fountains sprinkled throughout the streets and corners. After that, we'll eat food  that Kansas City is noted for....BBQ at one of the many BBQ places to choose from. Right now, we're thinking of Gates BBQ....a casual and unpretentious restaurant that will delight your taste buds. From there we'll do some more strolling around the Crown Center business/shopping area where the old historic Union Station is located. In the evening "The Blue Room" is where we'll end the day by relaxing and listening to Kansas City style jazz and blues.....a must for those who've never visited the Kansas City area.


Just in case you're curious.... those who have said they're definitely coming to Kansas City are: Fireeyes24, Tai, C.Berg, Trig Palin, TheObsoleteMan, JD Smith and me....patricia k! Others who have expressed an interest are Stella, Hyblaean-Julie, Bobbot and Jessabelle. The more the merrier! For planning purposes, please let me know if you  would like to join us! I sure hope so!


If you are interested in meeting some of your OpenSalon friends,  looking for something fun to do in October...or if you've never been to Kansas City, Missouri, please mark your calendar!!! You don't want to miss this! What an opportunity to get to know your online friends, fellow OpenSalon writers,  and personalities you've wondered about or have been dying to meet!


Don't forget your camera, either. There will be plenty to photograph including your friends!


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Please join us! In case you haven't noticed, the first picture and the last picture are pictures of the Union Station located near the Crown Center business/shopping area. It's as pretty as it looks!
I am interested but have to look at my travel schedule. They just canceled a meeting I was supposed to be at and one of the possible rescheduled dates is this week. I vote for Middle East for the belly dancing!!
Pat, how I wish I could join in the fun. But, take plenty of pictures for us who unfortunately cannot attend. It looks like it will be great!!( I for one, believing North Carolin BBQ to be the best in the world, would love to taste the difference)
Sounds like a great time.. I will be there...
I wanted to go because I am due for some fun but I'm out, have to travel that week.
Fun is just the beginning....we get to learn too !!! : )
I wish I could be there, and I do hope everyone who attends has a fun time....
See you there! Thanks for all of your hard work pulling this together.