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hyblaean- Julie
Chicagoish, Illinois, USA
September 30
42; army brat; bisexual... open relationship with my female partner of 11 years; perpetually confused, which makes me look like i'm doing a ditzy act, but actually it's not put on; middle class in cash if not culture (freaking finally); INFP/INFJ; SSRI, lithium, nicotine lozenge and caffeine dependent. Driven to laziness, odd fits of needing to 'fix' things, subthreshold hypomanic moments of productiveness (rarely) and random weirdness (often). --------------------------- If you have regular suicidal thoughts, please try lithium. It's worth a shot and has worked wonders for me.


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APRIL 17, 2012 9:43PM

i love you

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i love you
i roll you over and over in my thoughts
the tongue of my mind caressing the flavor that is you

no rhyme or reason today
just endless lapping of watery winter at my eyes
the melting of spring into something more harsh

I love you i say
but not where anyone can hear it

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"the melting of spring into something more harsh" whew... I have to think about that. ~r
This is simply beautiful, Julie.
The love within it caresses my own heart with warmth and joy.
Asia..I'm not so sure harsh is bad....and I'm not sure what I meant :D just babbling

((Kate)) Thanks you!
You are loved
put, this
harsh is not at all bad.
beyond the hearing of others.
the test of love, is what i have found........

Rhyme, reason , comes from the world where others hear us..

ah but can you HOLD to this?:

I love you
i roll you over and over in my thoughts
the tongue of my mind caressing the flavor that is you

no rhyme or reason today,,,,

tough gig.
A big hug to you too, Jules!

Thank you. : )
Was hoping harsh was a good thing!
hugs back to ya Mission :) you are loved, too, very much

James- naw, I never hold onto emotions, they just pass through... it's not intentional, but probably better that way...no, definitely better that way. Cannot imagine a landscape of torrential rains or endless groundcracking lifebleeding sunny days

Kate :D

laugh :D oh Asia
Harsh is a blend of California Sensimilla and Kentucky Blue Grass...
I found that very romantic. Nice work!
Good words to say, good words to hear.
Hey, a poem I can grok.

"i roll you over and over in my thoughts
the tongue of my mind caressing the flavor that is you" Nice way of putting it.
Larry *cough*

Kate, it's nice to have a good mood once in awhile!

Sheila, Thank you!!

Kim, good to feel :)

Hell yeah! I got Myriad to read a poem of mine *happy dance* :D
I think you just made me HAWT!

(so yeah, I liked it muchly even if it's not about what I think! ;) )
Spent thirty minutes or so figuring out this comment Julie.
Still working on it too!
Should come to me by mid morning after sleep.
Wait.. have to wake up at the harsh hour of 8!
Will comment tomorrow night, or something
I get to meet you soon Amy! How cool is that?

Trig, you got me to laugh, be careful of all those ramifications of everything you say ;) ...and don't say.
That's some beautiful and precise babbling. Just evocative. I'm not sure I read it as a good mood, but I recognize the images. Not everything has to be a celebration. Love and harsh go together.
"Not everything has to be a celebration." Thank you Sirenita. Not sure why I needed someone else's ok to be comfortable with that, but I did. Damn, the stupid things we expect of ourselves and each other :/
Seer, never, ever, resigned ;D
god forbid...
laugh, actually I am resigned about much of life. Romantic love is only a small facet of what I have given up on :) Although love, love is still largely intact.
this is striking in its simplicity....what is said and what makes us imagine. Cool.
I love this poem, especially the line:
"the tongue of my mind caressing the flavor that is you"
rated with love
This is swoon-worthy, Julie. I really like it.

I had to read this three times! This needs to be written with a quill pen on the best note paper and sent across the sea to the mainland, honey!
R and huggs.
beautiful lines, miss jules. excellent 'babbling,' but i wouldn't call it that. xo
Really well done. I enjoyed this poem.
Rated and ran earlier, liked this one very much Jules, love your poetry.
this made me go AWWWW!!
I never go AWWWW!!
Julie,excellent work...But "I love you i say but not where anyone can hear it"...Maybe it should best told where one could hear it and feel it..So liked the "watery winter at my eyes"..Such a lovely descriρtion of tears..Rated with good morning!!
your 'ear' is extraordinary. r.
Mmmmm. Just the kind of thing a rooster likes to hear first thing on a spring morn!
The flavor of love is hard to describe. You did it and it looked like it was easy for you.
Lovely gentle whispering ... even if accompanied ... by the lapping of tears ... thinking of you, Julie, as I read your words.
Loving in silence. Is it an unrequited love?
I love you, too. And I totallt get this.
Hmmm... I'm only on my second cup of coffee and still trying to get my heart started... "something more harsh".... feels like that for me every morning, damn I hate mornings... I remember the love thing though, especially "the flavor that is you."

Very neat, very clean, so much to say in so few words... very good work.
Simply beautiful.

I wish my mind could this beauty rather than just appreciate it.

Sweet and tender.
cool, uh *waves* hi *blush*
had no idea it would get this kind of response. guess love IS universal
Thanks for making me feel heard and loved. I'd answer individually, but need to get cleaned up for work.
Looking forward to reading you guys later.
Ooops, that should read:
I wish my mind could create this beauty rather than just appreciate it.
I like each stanza, but especially the last one. Makes my mind drift.
Simply beautiful, Julie.
Nice to read about love
It always seems to be in short supply
sometimes the quiet i love yous are the most intense...

excellent tongue caressing flavor part! yum and yum again ~