hugs, me

"Where there is a will, there is a way" English, proverb

hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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APRIL 20, 2012 4:31PM

Realizing Where You Stand

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 Happens instantly

Tingling throat

Tightening chest

Stinging eyes

Clinging tears  




For a word unspoken 



Refuse tears

Catch my breath

Wrestle the hurt

It wins


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No! Uh uh. Don't let it.
Linnnn, too late...I was foolish / silly enough to "make someone a prioity, who makes me an option" or however that quote goes.
Loved your poem, and then saw your comment. Oh, I feel for you. I know exactly what you mean. Feel that pain, and then chin up, hugs.
Oh dear. Hugs, I am so sorry.

I think I know exactly how you feel... it all sounds very, very familiar to me.

Keep writing...
It really hurts my heart to know that you are sad./r
Hugs, me, wow what a quote that says it all. It is sad to know some can take feelings so lightly. They don't see the gem that is you, only the sand. Sorriness should be felt for someone THAT lacking, certainly, not you!
I know this feeling.
chin up honey...
Onis,thank you so much it means alot.
Kate,thanks for everything doll
christine, you are very sweet to me
cindy,yes it really struck a cord with me too
mission,thx I'm trying :)
Sometimes it does win. But it won't ever win again. Every hurt is wisdom, and one day the sum of hurts won't begin to match the sum of joys.
Hugs, I have missed being here.. I'm sorry to see you are sad. You still mean a lot to me. R
I missed this. Sometimes I wonder if I don't seek this feeling out on some level.
This feeling is exhausting, isn't it? Don't let it define you. Grow your strength from unshed tears and move toward the sun.