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hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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DECEMBER 15, 2011 2:42PM

Late Again

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I am late, it’s nothing new. There is a  pot- luck at work today.  As I leave the driveway, I realize I have forgotten my dish. If I go back my oldest might be late. Actually, he probably won’t but he will be so stressed that it will ruin “our” morning.  So I drive the 10 miles in the dark and rain to drop him off.  Rush to get gas, because of course I am on empty and hurry back home. 


I know my nine year old will be enjoying his morning with the sitter. She is more than a sitter, she is part of the family and he loves her, worries about her and remembers her favorite things. They are the lucky ones that enjoy an hour together four days a week. 


I open the side door and walk into the light. And there is the angel voice “Mom’s here!”.  A tall skinny ball of energy jumps into my arms and wraps his legs around my waist.  He is way too big for me to carry, I have less than 6 inches on him, but he is light as a feather.  I laugh out loud and tell him he grew last night, a favorite joke.  As my long legged monkey jumps to the floor I am rewarded with the smile that lights all the way to those blue eyes.


 I am late, it’s nothing new. But today, it is good.

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For all of you who so kindly read my emotional poetry, I wanted you to see what a really wonderful life I have.
I'm smiling. Thank you.

This is so lovely. You made my day with your "Wonderful Life." -R-
I too am smiling as I feel my heart warm. R
You guys are awsome. And see how amazing he is? he can make you smile from miles away just because you heard about him. Thanks again for reading me, it means a great deal.
It is (was) very very good. I long for those days. I wish I had thought to write those special moments down -- as you have here.
A forgotten dish to a memorable moment---yes, you have a wonderful life!
Oh man, do I know that part about "did you grow last night?" For several years I told the kids they had to get to sleep because that was when they grew. I think they believed me, and now I swear, it's true.
hugs, you . . .

Bell; i read this too him and he smiled all the way through. Normally I can't get him to listen even if it about him.
Mhold; yes I do, don't know how I got so lucky.
Bard ; I knew you would understand.
FusunA; right back at ya doll.
I'm always late. And now, I can feast on the benefits. Love this.
Late is ok and it also gave you extra hug time with your son. They grow way too fast.
Holy shit, my mom used to say that: "wait a second, did you grow taller last night?"
That made me smile. Then, and now.