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hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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DECEMBER 25, 2010 2:48PM

For Little Kate - it is snowing

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My favorite tree. Perfect for climbing draws my eyes with or without leaves, with or without children, with or without animals.


Left over history of small feet running back and forth. Like those in the sand they will only last a short while.

the cat 

The cat that thinks he is a dog. Banished outside for bad behavior, he is no worse for wear. His fur has grown thick and oily to deflect the snow. Sun or snow he follows his boy every where, even to the neighbors homes to watch from beneath any waiting tree while they play a game of hockey, baseball or football.


 On A Good Day

tiny crystals hit your skin

a cold sting brings a smile

white swirling skies, a childs dream

snow days are a Suprise Christmas


On a Bad Day

Everyone drives too fast or slow

Breaks may or may not work

Pretty bits of moisture will ruin a good hair day

Will I ever be warm again ?



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I love your tree!! How nice to sit under - or up in, when the leaves are full....... ;-)
that cat looks like a real troublemaker.
nice white stuff.
good post.
Pretty pretty white stuff in the pictures.
Not so much fun driving to the store in tho'
Lovely words here Hugs.
Cat got banned from eating tinsel right??:)
Rated from hugs
Wonderful poem and Christmas post, snowing here a bit too...
You don't see a cat that follows a kid around much. Usually they go their own way. Smart cat, pretty snow!
I too love your tree! How cool looking is that. I love snow from inside a warm home, with a roaring fire, and then we run out and play and run back in for warmth.
Thanks for sharing your snow!
Little footprints in the snow... you captured the season so well : )
Sky;thx, my kiity kinda looks like you...
Cyril; Outside he still thinks he is in charge
Mission;yes I agree pretty to look at, Hate diving in it, have I been clear enough how much I really hate driving in it :)
2mchwrk; hope your holidays are going well, thank you for stopping
Oh Linda, I so wish that was the worst he has done... When he ruined my bed I gave him another chance, when he pee'd the couch that was newer then him he lost.
Rita; thx enjoy from inside...
Scanner; he is soooo awsome, I don't know who adores who more, the cat or "his boy"
ll; it is just as enchanting in the summer too.
Just thinking; something about them, you just know they were running not walking...
You made me smile here. I think I can have bad hair and a good day....but now that I just got a Brazilian Blow out...maybe perfect hair perfect day.
thank you for the snow

(all I get is fog and that's if I'm lucky)
A winter wonderland for Christmas ... a magical, beautiful dream!

Oh ... this is special! Thank you for this my friend. Thank you!
Ever since I was a little girl, a white Christmas has been a dream of mine ... and is still a dream that one day I hope will come true. To stand in falling snow and just listen to the sound of my own breath .... To be wear jumpers and scarves and beanies at Christmastime ... One day ... one day...
What a beautiful climbing tree -- the branches leaning low, like they command you to climb! Snow is so pretty it's easy for those of us who don't experience it to remember the bad hair days and the unrelenting cold.
snarky; If I made you smile that makes my night.
vanessa; you are welcome, I wish I could share more hehe
little kate; I'm sure you will succeed, visiting it will be fun. Hugs and merry xmas
Bell; I know, how could you resist?
hugs, I agree with you on the tree. What treeness.

And "snow days are a surprise Christmas" - very, very nice.
Memorable verbal images. Huggable, even.
What a great adventurous cat and an adventurous photographer as well, even with wet hair. R.
DB;nice new word ..I agree
Leon ; awww thx
Rita; couldn't leave him out he wouldn't leave my side...
What a nice post. I love the snow and I really love that tree!
How's your new year so far?
How the heck did I miss this???? Snow for LK???

You are the SWEETEST person !!!

Good stuff, and such a joy for our friend down under....uhm....what's her name you know??? : )
Love the mini-lion in the snow. hear
(fumble-fingered that)
Hear! Hear! For anything in Little Kate's honor.
Fay; I know when people don't get my fasination with this tree , I'm like are you seeig it!!
Leon; things are good, and my best wishes to you and yours.
D; he's huge isn't he and Oh how the two if them love each other, to walk up and hear a 13 yr old telling a cat "I love you"...., when I heard she had never seen snow... how could I not share... :)
beautiful tree and poem!
"Will I ever be warm again ?"
We are at 14 degrees currently, and I hear you. Even the 3 layers I have on are not adequate- I'm eyeing my coat. It's worth teasing just to be warm for a few minutes.
Snow and branches. Ice and feet. Cat and dog. Prose and Poetry.

Warm? Oh, yes. In fact, you are as warm as the hugs I got before the arms left for the airport this morning to go back to the college where it does snow.
Just saw this going past in the feed again and came back to feast again on winter in all it's glory (and, yes, the not so glorious)! Thank you, again dear friend.

@ JD: It's Kate, Katie, Kate!!!!