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hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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NOVEMBER 21, 2010 1:41PM

That Kiss- (JD's open call)

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Eyes closed and breathe heavy

Feel the tingling  swollen lips


It should have been him forever


Opening a door to real love

Closing out the truth


It could not be him forever


More than a simple kiss

To be loved for who I am


So lucky it was him, forever

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So sweet and melancholy. Everything a first kiss poem should be.
rated with love
Great remembrance. I don't remember my first kiss. But I do something else, and it happened in a junior-high corridor during class change. She was wearing a white sweater. Nothing's ever matched that thrill. But if she happens to read this, I apologize for my early piggishness.
So lucky it was him forever

What a lovely thing to hold forever in your heart.

And this was lovely. Thank you!
Lovely.. I could not write this..I stole my first kiss hands down
rated with hugs
This is haunting...xox
Romantic, thank you that means a lot coming from you
Leon; amazing how you remember her sweater ! :)
Kate; it really is a wonderful memory
Linda; Why does that not suprise me?
Robin; thank you , the memory haunts me still, so I'm glad it came through that way.
Remember those eyes open! Hadn't thought about that in years. Thanks.
Very lips like feel swollen from Collagen right now.
Sweet and beautiful. Thanks.
Your 1st love..that is so cool! Loved this..sooo honest and pure, Mom always told me, "if they start breathing hard, get away fast!" lol( I was not even allowed to date till i was 17, then only livingroom dates! lol. This was a great poem!
Oh Hugs! I always feel your yearning in your poetry. R
Love Ya
Mary; you made me laugh
Snarkey;yeah but my memory is better:)
froggy;thx for stopping
Cindy; I've always had wonderful peole in my life
Blu; there are a few things I would love to re live...
A bittersweet memory? Perhaps, but I am sure you are glad to have it.
You deserve lucky...and I am glad you got it!

Real love... that's worth a kiss...
Sounds steamy. So many kisses have come to mind from my own past after reading this. Thanks for that...sigh...
Too lovely, it made me wish I remembered mine.
Everyone should have a first kiss like that. Worthy of being carried forever in memory.
joan; thx always love seeing you stop by
smithery; you are right on both
jd; thx you are sweet
ll2; exactly like I remember sweet
askme;worth so much...
puddles; I remember exactly how I felt after rather than during
l'huere; I'm sure you have many that keep you warm
bell; yes forever...