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"Where there is a will, there is a way" English, proverb

hugs, me

hugs, me
January 23
Trying to be the best I can be. But I'm not super Mom and I won't pretend. I'm not perfect and I won't try. I'm just me and for those that accept me as I am, I'm worth it and for those who can't , I really hope you find what you need.


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JULY 23, 2010 12:36PM

The Body knows what it Wants

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A memory of your eyes upon me fills my emptiness.

Fingers know the outline of your lips, a breathe barely escapes my chest.

Shoulders cry for the weight of your arms, my body reaches forward to climb upon your lap.


The eyes cannot see.

The fingers cannot touch.

The arms cannot hold.


For what was, was

        what is, is

        And what cannot be, will never be.


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distance, body, love

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This speaks for me today.
Beautiful ...
There is hidden number in your poem
That make it pulsating and vivid ...
3 lines, 3 things, 3 impossibilities
Statement closed in 3 variations
And love full of touchy lips and fingers
Hugs, a love lost... And yet you still feel it.So is it lost? Beautiful! R
Beautifully spoken. I hope the sight of those eyes continues to fill you... R
askme; Then I really am glad I wrote it. I didn't know if I was going to post it.
l'heure;thx for reading!
Miroslaw;your work is amazing,your comments are amazing, thank you so much , I am so happy to have met you.
Blu; no not lost
Mark; a single block or a thousand miles, still too far.
Bluish;More than you can imagine.
Puddle; I knew you would understand.
Snarky;Thanks, I glad you liked it.
A pain we have all felt, to be sure.
This certainly resonates with me. Every loss, and every loss to come.
You have portrayed the aching emptiness of lost love so well. Beautifully done.
gwool, It was so worth it, wasn't it?
bell; hopeing for fewer in the future for us both.hugs.
little kate; your heart is like one of the open books I love to read.
I am sorry for this feeling,.. if it is reality for you.
There are few things so painful!
Just breathe darlin and relax. Let the energy flow whatever way it needs to. The body knows for sure. Smile - Jali
You write of the ache of love with piercing precision.
Thank you for this poem, "shoulders cry for the weight of your arms."
Wonderful imagery.
Jd-I always hold onto everything, in my heart even the pain. I feel it all. But I choose to feel, so that I am alive. Numb is the worst place for me to be, it is not living.
Jali- breathing and smiling, why does writing it make it feel so much better. Like I can just go back and read it when I want to visit.
cartouche-thank you what a compliment!
romantic- I can physically feel that ache, can you?