Keys to Babel

italian_schoolSomewhere, Michael Newdow, the California atheist obsessed with striking God from everywhere but the Bible, is smiling…

As yesterday, the European Court of Human Rights headlined Italian news when they ruled on a case brought by Soile Lautso Albertin, an Italian citizen originally from… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 1, 2009 6:35AM

U.S News vs World Report

 Dissent at your own risk.

 8655_corriere_della_sera_2006These days, voicing contrarian positions in America has become an act of bravery, as self-defined progressives now control the White House, Congress, academia and the mainstream media. Don’t buy ‘man-made’ global warming? The warming nazi… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 4:56PM

When Did Americans Lose Their Balls?

Like other seminal moments in history, most remember where they were when the first passenger jet hit the twin towers. Other turning points are just as significant, even if they aren’t marked by a single catastrophe.

 Last night, Congressman Wilson’s ‘liar’ assertion and… Read full post »

child_vaccinesPhone calls to defensive health insurance officials can be nerve racking, as can opening those statements to determine which visits or interventions were covered and what percentage the turkeys decided to pay. It shouldn’t be arbitrary, but often times, it is.

 But I thought this prRead full post »

AUGUST 4, 2009 7:29AM

Are We Really a Meritocracy?

mark_sanfordWatching Mark Sanford give that speech yesterday gave me an idea: what if hard work and intelligence aren’t the prerequisites to success?  What if reaching a certain level has nothing to do with merit and everything to do with luck?

A governor and likely front-runner for the Republi… Read full post »

JUNE 25, 2009 3:54PM

Are We Really a Meritocracy?


Watching Mark Sanford give that speech yesterday gave me an idea: what if hard work and intelligence aren’t the prerequisites to success?  What if reaching a certain level has nothing to do with merit and everything to do with luck?

A governor and likely front-runner for the Republ… Read full post »


Many politicians and citizens hold up ‘bipartisanship’ as the ideal, claiming that the ‘middle’ is where Americans want to live and be governed, but most of us know the truth—the label of conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, instructs the way we live… Read full post »

APRIL 21, 2009 6:38AM

Joe Taxpayer

bidenBeyond the parade of tax-cheats nominated or occupying cabinet posts, the tax returns of Obama and Biden demonstrate how easier giving becomes as zeros are added to your paycheck. They also reveal another startling hypocrisy rampant among Democrats—they want taxpayer sacrifice but are unRead full post »

APRIL 6, 2009 4:59PM

Politics of Meddling


turkey_euHe came to listen, not to lecture. Yet after yesterday’s push for Turkey’s acceptance into the EU, I wonder if Europeans Obama-glow has worn off. Aside from a few missteps, like his snooze inducing presser with Brown and his ‘French’ town hall, the President andRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
MARCH 20, 2009 3:28PM

Ditch the Dollar?

dollar_chart1For years, economists, journalists and pundits have been predicting an end to the U.S. dollar as the reserve global currency. And for years, mainstream Americans and politicians have ignored the warning, presuming that the wolf-criers are simply anti-capitalist or anti-American.

But with the… Read full post »

MARCH 16, 2009 1:41PM

The Forgotten Ones

foreclosuresForeclosures were up 30% in February, but an important group of Americans remains sidelined in the current tug-of-war between the bailout cheerleaders and those fiscal conservatives ready for a new tea party. They aren’t the whiners standing on their homes refusing to leave after borrowiRead full post »

MARCH 12, 2009 5:14AM

Rough Week

obama_brown_460_803433c1With each day and each decision, the Obama Presidency grows more and more disturbing.

 Just last week, before a joint press conference with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, we were told not to mind that pesky 50% decline in our retirement portfolios.

 "The stock market is sort of like a… Read full post »

we-are-all-socialists-largeNewsweek has spoken.

The New Deal, FDR and bloated government are all the rage, as liberals, err, progressives, Kumbaya with their socialist idols in Europe. Reagan’s model for economic growth has led to economic failure, and last November, Americans voted for big government, for cRead full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 6:47PM

Iran Launches Satellite

ahmadinejad3Throughout the ’08 campaign, Obama promised to engage America’s enemies through direct talks. Bush’s bullying hadn’t worked and America needed change. Finger-wagging was out. Diplomacy and gentle prodding were in.


According to various news reports, and the not toRead full post »

FEBRUARY 4, 2009 6:45PM

Aznar on Obama and more…

aznar1Former Prime Minister of Spain gave an interview to  France's Le Figaro and had some interesting comments on the new President of the United States and the world-wide financial crisis. (translated from French)

LE FIGARO. - With Barack Obama, do you think U.S. policy will change?


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OCTOBER 28, 2008 10:00AM

President Sarkozy Fears Obama Victory

It’s a shame that the French President can see what fifty percent of Americans cannot: An Obama victory would radically undermine current efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

From Israel’s Haaretz:

Sarkozy has made his criticisms only in closed forums in Fra

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OCTOBER 19, 2008 11:48AM

Wall St Invasion?


The distress over the global financial meltdown encompasses more than just frightening 401k statements and doomsday newscasts. We’ve now another impetus for headaches and acid stomachs. This week, Libya's Qaddafi became a major shareholder in Unicredit, Italy's largest bank, which might… Read full post »

OCTOBER 13, 2008 1:43PM

Obama: a Plant?

A friend forwarded me an e-mail detailing the possibility that Obama could be a plant, by going back through his past and examining various inconsistencies and troubling questions which have gone unanswered. Perhaps many of you have received these viral e-mails, like the one claiming Obama is… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
OCTOBER 10, 2008 11:35AM

Barclay's Stock Plummets 13%: Party Time !!!




Last night on Italy’s Lake of Como, eighty Barclay’s bankers and clients gathered together in the storied Villa Erba to celebrate with their fiddles as Rome continued burning around them.  And while the paparazzi wary bankers spent two days and seven… Read full post »

Liberals often obsess over how the United States is viewed globally. Like elementary schoolchildren praying to be accepted by the ‘in’ crowd, they insecurely wait for Obama’s election and the restoration of their ‘cool’ status. U.S. foreign policy… Read full post »

AUGUST 21, 2008 3:38PM

Obama's Silent European Majority

Presuntuoso. Arrogante. Even if you don’t speak Italian, you can probably guess their English equivalents. Those were the first words my in-laws used to describe their reaction to the Democratic nominee for President. You won’t hear regular Europeans interviewed or their impression/… Read full post »