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MAY 10, 2012 10:06AM

Book Bust!

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One of the last things my short-lived association with my lovely, local PR person produced was an agreement to promote my books, particularly my spiritual memoir, The Soul Workout, at a series of readings and signings at a local coffeehouse chain . . .  not Starbucks . . . another chain-that-shall-not-be-named, that hosts such events.

I should have realized things were ill-omened when the contact person proved extremely difficult to contact. When she did get in touch with me, it was to complain that I hadn't sent her the flyer to promote the event, when actually, I had. She eventually located it . . . in her junk folder. All seemed to be straightened out, but when I arrived at the event location, there was nary a flyer in sight . . . the two hip young baristas were adorable, and tried their best to help, but the event was doomed. A book bust if there ever was one!

Kim, my boyfriend, was working late, so it was just me and our family friend and faithful retainer, John C who comprised the audience. That is if you don't count the three despondent-looking coffee drinkers and the fellow wearing ear-buds and a pained expression as his fingers paused lazily above his laptop.

Ever the spunky urban goddess, I rallied, and John C and I waited around for a long half hour before we packed up and left. If I had hoped any foot traffic would arrive to alleviate the desolation, I was mistaken. Although the economy is rumored to be recovering, that rumor has not yet reached The District  at Green Valley Ranch, it seems. The architecture there is lovely, and unblemished by the stain of human activity! What a perfect place to take a nap it looked . . . not a soul to disturb one's "esteemed repose!"

Oh, well. Humility is a virtue, and one I need to cultivate, evidently. I hope the next scheduled event, in Town Square on May 16, is better attended. I was looking forward to regaling at least a small crowd with scorching hot poetry about men, women, sex, relationships, and everything else that a "spiritual memoir" should contain. I guess I'll just have to keep a sense of humor about the whole adventure!


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Oh, well. Better luck next time.
Thanks, Sarah. That's the way the mop flops, as they say!