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APRIL 16, 2012 1:55PM

Pancake Party!

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Juno, my niece, and her husband, Aaron, came to town last week. The only time she had for a visit was Saturday morning, and a Saturday morning visit means just one thing around these parts: Pancake Party!
Sarah, my daughter-in-law (of My Family Herbals) makes a delicious chamomile-infused syrup that can't be beat, as well as a fantabulous whipped honey butter--but she ran out of chamomile on Friday, and so, working fast and on the fly as we are wont to do, we whipped up trays of Egg Bake Casserole and Pecan French Toast! MMM-mmm!
Taba, Paul, and their gang (Damien, Scarlet, Clementine and Tesla), Kim and Anthony, Juno, Aaron, Mike, Sarah, Amy Rose and Collin all tucked in, and a rollicking, raucous time was had by all. Too bad Matt had to work!
I'm so glad my family all enjoy each other's company so much! We have such a good laugh together our sides hurt and tears stream from our eyes! What fun!

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