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APRIL 13, 2012 1:42PM

Poor Conservatives, All Trying to Stand Their Ground

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I get it.

Conservative America embraces "stand your ground" laws, because everywhere they look, their ground IS threatened.

While Progressive America keeps moving the tent pegs farther and farther apart, stretching the fabric of the constitution to cover more and more of those who had been left out of America's promise, Conservative America sees "its" ground being taken from it, by the blacks, by the gays, by the feminazis, by the latinos, by the 99%, by the "wretched refuse" of the world, and they get desperate. They feel threatened on all fronts. They have guns, so they use them. After all, it's no sin to kill in self-defense. "Their" America, their home, is under threat. They just want to protect what is "theirs."

Only it never was "theirs."

I get it.

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Dear Havlin,

You sure do get it. Great post. A democrat sees the glass as half-full, the Republican says, "Who took half my water?" Mine, mine, mine...don't try to pry anything from even their cold, dead hands. They truly think, I guess, that they can take it with them.
You better be careful Havlin... the Republican are going to wanna know who did you "get it" from (it might have been theirs, and they'll want it back.)
Ha! You got it right; they didn't. They just wanna make noise. Well said. R
and let me tell you this if you don't already know it: there is nobody or nothing more dangerous than those who have power seeing themselves as losing it. where do you think revolutions come from? it is the fear that kills and keeps on killing without remorse. and if more liberals don't start to see what they are up against and vote accordingly in nov. they will take charge again.