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MARCH 28, 2012 9:30AM

Writing Is Easy . . . PR IS Hard!

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Thanks, thanks, thanks, to Kathy Kubic, PR-Mistress Extraordinaire, for her efforts on behalf of yours truly, which have thus far resulted in a terrific profile by Andrew Kiraly, editor of KNPR's Desert Companion Magazine! Just in time for National Poetry Month, too!

Do I wish I had fewer chins? Yes, but then I guess I shouldn't have eaten so many donuts! 

Thanks to everyone who has been so interested in Pick a Poem, from my fantabulous editorial team at Scholastic, Inc., especially the multi-talented Liza Charlesworth and Virginia Dooley, to the wonderful Julie Kobayashi at the Clark County Library, to Maria DePina of the Coral Academy, and of course, to Jorge Lara, Renee Christy, and all the other FABULOUS Las Vegas Poets!

And of course, no thank-you would be complete without mention of my family--Paul, Matt, Mike, Taba and Sarah (and all the in-laws, outlaws, and grandbabies included), my publishing mentor, John Coombes, my wonderful stepson, Anthony, and my very own Kim Catalano.

I hope you enjoy!

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