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FEBRUARY 23, 2011 4:10PM

Pete said "Keep Matt McGinn Singing" Will Matt Sorvillo do?

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Matt and US Senator Take in Wrestling Match in Vegas 

My kids. They've lent me money, visited me in the hospital when I had alcohol poisoning, even agreed to wear kilts in Las Vegas in June for me. They clap when I sing "Good Girls Don't" at Dino's karaoke bar on the Strip, and just generally have been much better kids than I deserve. I am proud of all of them, every day.

Of course, they come by it naturally. My whole family is pretty awesome. Take my Uncle Matt. Matt McGinn was his name, and he was one of the leaders of Scotland's folksong revival of the 60s. A left-wing, humanitarian, rabble-rousing, equality-promoting talent of the first water--and my son Matt, shown above with some Senator, is his namesake. He takes after more than his name, as well. Here is the adaptation Matt wrote of Uncle Matt's "If It Wasnae for the Union" adapted and updated for Americans in 2011.

Matthew Sorvillo 's update of Matt McGinn's "If It Wasnae for the Union."
I'll tell you something awful true,
You'd have no breaks or days off too
If it wasn't for the Union

I had a boss back in Madison
His jokes were folksy and homespun
But he must've thought we were just working for fun
Before we joined the union
I worked for a man in Baton Rogue
And he must have thought I was a stooge
My pay was small while his was huge
Before we joined the union
My old boss back in Mobile
Had a handshake made of tempered steel
But it never stopped him backing out of a deal
before we joined the union.
I worked for a company in Flagstaff
And they were always good for a laugh
Until they cut our wages in half
Before we joined the union
I had a boss in Cedar City
And he was a man familiar with pity
But it still didn't stop him from treating us shitty
Before we joined the union
I worked for a man in Jacksonville
And he often spoke of faith and good will
Then he fired a man for being over the hill
Before we joined the union
I had a boss back in Cheyenne
Never was there a more generous man
When he came around with pink slips in hand
Before we joined the union
I had a boss in Middletown
There wasn't a better man around
when it came to keeping our wages down
Before we joined the Union
I had a boss here in Las Vegas
And he promised us all very good wages
But he barely ever let us out of our cages
Before we joined the union

Men and women listen to me
It's time to rise up off your knee
And join in solidarity
Come stand with the Union!See more

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