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JUNE 4, 2009 4:50PM

Dirty Haiku Thursday -- the Morning After

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Into  me and out. 

We lick, lie, love, love, lather,

rinse, repeat. repeat.

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Good not-so-clean fun... :-)
Oh, I don't know... seems pretty darn clean to me! (What with all of the rinsing and such!)
Rated for the dual repeats. There's a wonderful sense of entitlement in there that I find .... seductive. You go girl.
Word, Shivaun, thanks!

Yes, rinsing is important after all that lathering.
Harp; our comments must have crossed. Thanks for the comment and its content!
That's funny cuz I always do the lather before the lick - I always felt that was best. You might want to try that once.

Or twice.

Definitely repeat at the end.
Duaneart, good advice.

However, the lather referred to might not have been soap. It might be the kind that you get into.


Thanks again, and again I'm sorry I couldn't change my avatar to your sketch. I'll try again later; I really really love it!
Ooohhhh... new Avatar! I like it.
Thanks, Harp. That's a maple-leaf pod on my nose; in NY when I was growing up, we called them Pollynoses!
Yeah, Walkaway. He could be trouble, but I think you and I and some of the other ladies could take him. Although he would probably like that. Thanks for commenting!
Nothing like a cleansing!