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June 25
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MAY 10, 2012 9:46AM

"Evil Is Coming In Through The Woman"

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One of the tricky parts about Blogging While Feminist is deciding which issues are worth tackling. Some days, it's far too tempting to be sidetracked by outrage...or the outrageous.

Other times, it's not so hard at all.

Submitted for your examination: Jesse Lee Peterson.

He’s a minister of some sort,  although it’s very hard to call him “Reverend.” An ultra-conservative favorite of Sean Hannity who describes himself on his website as "this generation's Booker T. Washington," Peterson hosts a syndicated radio show and runs the nonprofit Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), an organization which wants to rebuild the family "by rebuilding the man."  Key to his philosophy of man-boosting seems to the idea that behind every great man is a submissive woman.

One of Peterson’s “sermons” was uploaded to YouTube by BOND back in March, but only started getting serious attention over the several days. In his talk, he calmly defines all of womanhood as a undifferentiated mass of stupid, helpless, crazy whores who are going to lead to the destruction of all mankind.

"I think one of the greatest mistakes America made was to allow women the opportunity to vote," he says. "We should have never turned that over to women. It was a big mistake." Why? Because they actually vote. "And these women are voting for the wrong people. They are voting in evil people, who agree with them, who are taking us down this path of destruction."

"This is probably the reason that they did not allow women to vote, when men were men. Because men in the good old days understood the nature of the woman. They were not afraid to deal with it, and they understood that you let them take over, this is what would happen."

Now, with men being totally pussy-whipped and all, our destruction is nigh. "It's so unfortunate, but this is how evil is coming in. It's coming through the women...and I know you don't want to hear that."

But, he insists, it's Truth.

Jesse Lee Peterson & Kirsten Powers on Sean Hannity (Still via BusinessInsider.com)

 Jesse Lee Peterson & Kirsten Powers (Still image via BusinessInsider.com)

Last week, Peterson was rather awesomely blindsided by FOX News political analyst Kirsten Powers during a panel discussion on Hannity's show.

After a very long question by Hannity on President Obama, Powers announced she hadn't realized she was going to be on with Peterson, so she was "hijacking" the panel. As Peterson broke into a visible sweat and did his damndest to talk over her, she took him to task for using God’s word to teach misogyny.”

Hannity quickly came to his friend's rescue and steered the discussion back into safer waters, but it was the equivalent of seeing an albino elephant in the wild: a rare instance of a FOX News guest actually being called to account for their crap.

There isn’t much anyone can do to salvage a soul like Peterson. His damage, the roots of that fear and anger towards women, run deep. Having decided his words are Truth, attempts to challenge him only strengthen his resolve. He, and men like him, have their narratives.

We have ours.

Women were not “allowed” the opportunity to vote. We demanded the right to vote. We fought for the right to vote. It took seven decades, but we earned the right to vote. We’ve also earned the right to work in the professions of our choosing, defend our country in wars, and have sex for pleasure rather than procreation. We can also stay home, eschew birth control, and be submissive. It’s called “choice,” and it’s a pretty cool thing, especially since we didn’t have it for the better part of human history.

Even when it feels like overreacting, even when we’re accused of being “shrill,” every time someone like Mr. Peterson spouts off, we need to challenge him. Challenge that narrative. Every. Single. Time.

We can also make sure the wider public knows about his views, so if there are parents out there who want to send their boys to BOND’s “character-building” programs – because how many mothers out there genuinely want their sons to go through life thinking that their masculinity rests on the subjugation of women?   

If sunlight is the best disinfectant, we need to blast him and others like him with sunshine, because there are some pretty moldy ideas bubbling around in the shadows.  

It’s a good use of outrage.



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Jeez. Can you believe this guy?
Excellent post- what is wrong with this guy??!!
Are you sure this is Fox, er, Faux News? It's not an X Files rerun? Thankfully Mr. Peterson will never get his wish to return to "the good old days." Too many  courageous African Americans gave their sweat and blood to see to it that he doesn't have to ride in the back of the bus or drink from the "colored" drinking fountain .  He dishonors women, persons of all color and worst of all himself and his family with his insipid remarks.  He needs to listen to Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit" for a history lesson. Obviously whatever education he has is lacking somewhere.
Hannity... Fox News... lame... stupid... lying sacks of crap... nothing shrill to be said here... note the ads broadcast on Hannity... send emails to the sponsors and Hannity and the "Rev" will go the way of Rush and Glenn...
I wish I could say I have not heard similar though generally along the lines "my wife voted for him because he's cute" , "they are Mothers so naturally they vote emotionally". men also need to confront men
He has lousy taste in shirt tie too. Wait a minute - I bet it was his *evil* wife who persuaded him to go out in public like that.
shirt AND tie. Color does nothing for his complexion. (Right on, Conrad! Doesn't he realize the *evil* that has come into the world when blacks "were allowed" to have the vote and stuff?)
Most men did not make mistakes in the past. Do you you think he means slavery and jim crow?

This is how evil is coming in. It's coming through the woman. As he came through his mother - there's a woman who brought evil.

an' all that kinda stuff
an' all that

Finally, we have the answer to all society's problems.
(Let's just hope he has the following he deserves - a very small one.)
Well, it would almost seem that I would have a biased opinion being that it was the decision of a non-believing woman, that wanted to have sex for pleasure, that VOTED to have me thrown in a mental institution because I was pretty pumped on the supernatural events that transpired in my life as I would discover - after seeking in earnest... God.

This fire that is going to lead to our demise was certainly started by - are you sitting down now? - MAN!! Many religious men attempt to use that book to their advantage... and it back fired. Certainly it says that a woman is to 'submit' to her man - but it also says the verse. They were to be joined as one - and regarded as an icon of what God can do via synergy. Because of the degrading that women suffered - they were forced to go out and prove themselves and show how they could 'out smart' man. A womans or 'some persons' job in the home is to take care of that home - there needs to be somebody there. Period. That home is a factory - though you won't like that term - for a family, and is no different than a crop or garden. If you don't have someone there to take care of it - you are gonna have a lot of weeds and other schtuff growing in there that you don't want.

Let's go back in time and look at what happened. Woman leave the home and begins an influx of (didn't say it was fair) 'cheap labor' into the market place. This was taken advantage of until people started crying foul. In my opinion - a woman in some cases should be paid more for a job BECAUSE she is a woman. Hmmm... did you expect that?

Well, as time progressed - the economy balanced out. The numbers always seem point towards 'unchained slavery' - where a societies top echelon eat well - and those at the bottom are paid little more than enough to keep them alive so that they can come back to work the next day. Thanks to sex for pleasure, a disrespect for procreation, and perhaps the idea that insome instances people can keep more of the money they make - jobs are looking a bit scarce these days. And if these problems weren't enough - the hardest and most important job within any advanced society has been abandoned. The loving, nurturing parent at home that actually has a 'vested interest' in the outcome of their efforts.

Children today - are NOTHING as compared to those of years past. And why should they be they have been pretty much left to fend for themselves. They are exposed to things that they shouldn't be and their highly impressionable minds are now so corrupt that whatever the future may hold is past dismal - it's horrific. Did you even imagine a day when there would be metal detectors in your high school? Go back and visit yours and tell me how you feel about it.

Our children are being rasised by television and the internet - right in the living room of that abandoned factory. And what is coming out of the shipping department of that abandoned factory sure does raise some valid concerns.

From a more personal perspective - I am not as organized as a woman can be - we are designed by God differently... and there is not more suited to control the nightmare that is the 'family home'. As a man I would hope that their true brilliance would one day shine when they challenge the 'work force' and say - "it's time to go back there."

As a man I will also state that Mother's Day should come more than once a year. Say for instance... every Wednesday.

Not surprising that Sean Hannity thinks he's terrific.

Well, MY "evil vote" and my evil campaign contributions and I will be dedicated to helping pro-choice women candidates get to the House and Senate this year, and for re-electing Obama and defeating the blatant ugliness and misogyny of the Tea Party. It confirms my suspicion that the far right would try to take women's votes away if they dared. So they need to be slapped down hard and get the message that campaigning against women is political suicide.

@ Nerd cred; Actually, the "following" this man deserves is a lot of angry women--with pitchforks.
Why knuckleheads like Peterson aren't simply laughed off the pulpit and the TV set is one of those great unanswered questions, IMHO.

This sounds like some backwards sci-fi. It's unbelievable that someone with those views actually has a platform on national TV. Even FOX.
I bet there are a lot of men who are nodding their heads in agreement as Powers preaches his woman-hate. How low we have sunk . . .
So sorry you had to watch this tripe, but glad you could stomach it so you could write this piece; excellent!
Finally, something that all religious extremists agree on...

"he calmly defines all of womanhood as a undifferentiated mass of stupid, helpless, crazy whores who are going to lead to the destruction of all mankind"

Those poor, beleaguered men. Perhaps they need to move to a town without any women in it. Maybe an island, where they can have their own country. Heck, let's put them on a rocket and let them find a new planet. Lord knows this one has been abused enough by them.

(Feeling a mite sarcastic, here.)
And yet for all his professed contempt for women, he's also against gay marriage! Something isn't quite right in this picture, no...?
@Alan, indeed. If women are so repulsive, then it seems that he'd only want to be associated with the perfect male people, huh.
Excellent writing. Yes, it is necessary to confront these kinds of people. If left to their own devices they would lead the country (and the rest of the world) to ruin.
I still have trouble believing cretins like this exist, and even more trouble understanding why they have any kind of public forum at all. Hannity/Fox -- now they are evil.
I would have never heard of this nut until Heather wrote this article. I bet Fox thanks you for the free publicity.
Some people just can't feel good about themselves without putting others down. I should feel sorry for people like that, but I can't help but be disgusted by them.
I don't think we women should let him vote any more.
Excellent post. Peterson's view is not that far out of the fundamentalist mainstream, either.
Wonderful post pointing out real evil, and Hannity's promotion of such. Why are women not boycotting the sponsors, a la Rush?
I find it all scary as hell, frankly. Some of the rest of us work really hard to get any kind of coverage for things that don't scald the earth at every outburst, and yet a demon spawn like that guy get all kinds of coverage for billiousness. Wrong.