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December 31
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MARCH 9, 2012 10:55AM

This is Not a Women's Movement

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This is Not a Woman's Movement - This is a People's Movement

 On Monday, I wrote an article calling for a new feminist movement; a movement in which men and women work together to achieve equality and to squelch hate-speech. From the beginning, I realized this issue wasn't limited to misogyny but that an issue of inequality existed across the board with racism, prejudice and homophobia. I realized that we do not need a new women's movement but a people's movement.

So let's get this ball rolling. Let's make sure there is equal pay and marriage rights for all and an end to this ridiculous War on Women. Let's create further awareness of these issues. Let's stop politicians and pundits from trying to divide us during a time when we need to stand together.

The country is suffering, people are suffering, even the children are suffering. The children are learning to hate rather than to accept. Bullying in American schools is an epidemic that will only stop when children see that men and women; gay and straight; White, Latino, Black and Asian are all equally valuable.

Furthermore, to dichotimize people by bringing God into the equation is blasphemous. We must scrutinize and be suspicious of anyone wielding "God" as a tool to further perpetuate their agenda of hate.

So apparently- if you want to help me do this, in order for the White House to take notice of this plea- we have to get 25,000 people to sign this petition by April 8th!!! And yes, I am talking about this April 8th as in one month from now! So please spread the word, share the link and sign this petition!

(Please feel free to repost this article.)

It will be fun to see where this goes- the sky is the limit and there is nowhere to go from this point but up!

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you make some good points; but we can't forget the progress that has been made; we have an African American president; to get too locked into "hate" at the moment, chains us to the past

no offense, but could some people in the liberal establishment have a vested interest in holding onto the idea that the country is still "filled with hate"?
Kathy I don't know. I am just speaking from my heart and I think that we can use some uniting
I agree.. as if these republicans get in we had better stay hidden
You go girl.
It has thus been tweeted and I will sign it once I find my log in for this thing... it's somewhere...
Done! I'm sick of the divide and conquer that is damaging us all, we're even pitted against each other by age and the region of the country we live in.

It made me feel good signing it. Thank you.
men and women MUST come together.
First we gotta understand each other. Such mutual ...
insecurities &...mistrust....

But the sexual revolution , so called, won.
Lately THEY have cleverly pitted women against me.
In the aftermath. They sure love their war.
pitted women against MEN, not me, i meant to say.
Thanks for the info here....

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Agreed! We need to change our thinking on all of these issues in separate terms or classifications of people and start thinking in terms of people as a whole. It is time for a change!