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Have It All My Ass

Have It All My Ass
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
January 29
Legal Secretary/Writer
Legal secretary, part time blogger, and now new graduate of Liaison College; Cook-Basic Diploma - have started writing a cookbook. The above picture is a modern day cruise ship behind the Titanic, the largest cruise ship of its day. It's meant to illustrate the advancements in the cruise industry over the last 100 years. To me this symbolizes how out of control and overblown our society is, and the probable inevitableness of the little guy being forever squashed by Big Corporate. Unless of course, we all start to fight back - buy local, make your own, re-establish the barter system within your neighborhood and community, avoid big box stores. Hey, I can dream...


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DECEMBER 4, 2013 11:33PM

Embracing the Conserver Lifestyle


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