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MAY 23, 2012 8:35AM

Do You Have An OS Spy?

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Do you have an OS spy?? I got lots! People spying on me in open disregard of all human decency. People who can't live unless they know what I am up to at all times! Who are they, you ask? Well, check out my rogue's gallery:

Meet Jami P!


Nice pic there, Jami! Jami is so entralled with me I am the only person he/she follows! No ratings or comments or activity of any kind. A profile created just to track little ol' me! My stellar writing is paying off!


SPOONspoon is a bit trickier. I was tracked first but a few more were added as clutter so as to throw off the scent. Bet GWool was shocked to see himself faved after closing his blog!



Rosa Lee C, come on down! My friend Rosa even rated me once in a blaze of spy activity! That was before the tracker was put on me but I guess he/she got tired of hunting down my unrated shit that never makes the feed. Not easy being a busybody!

Another I sniffed out was my creepy sister who is more than happy to invade anyone's private life free of charge! If you let someone run your life that means you looooove them! But don't invade her life and tell her secrets or she'll bitterly complain forever. Like everyone in town doesn't already know she's humping her married boss like a rabbit in heat.

OK, so who are your spies?? Who's creeping along behind you never making a peep or giving a response? Inquiring minds want to know!


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Life is too short for this shit.
Advertisers are spy's, how does anyone know I own an Aston Martin. Their ads show up on my blog everyday.........o/e
It's all redundant.
I'm my own spy!! ~:D

Actually, I've had a few(who are now gone...Spammers actually! Seriously!! It was like ASDFGH has made you a favorite!!! AWESOME!!! :D) but they're all gone now!! WEEP!!!

Though my Cute Kittens post from years ago still gets hits from military bases!! EEK!! ~:D
o/e, I guess they think I own a Maserati! Still, there's no profit in tracking only me.

Tink, I promise not to tell you on your spy, err...nevermind!
You figure this out through stat-track? I tried CLICKY once
and was amazed at some of the locations of my "readers."
One was in the very center of Australia... like an Aborigine
No, I just got an email saying I've been faved on OS and then saw I was the only person they are tracking. I gave up trying to PM them.
I get this too from time to time. I know some of them are sources, or political people who don't want to be linked in case I say something controversial. I also know a couple of them are writers who have pm'd me.

But most are a mystery. Which means that as far as I know, it could be Jennifer Anniston, Joe Mantegna, Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Jon Stewart, Lee Child, William Trevor, Larry McMurtry. . . .
No proof that it isn't!

Or it could just be Chicken Maan using different names. . .
I got faved by a couple of spammers.
No comments..just live streaming sports do-do BS...
I think we've all had a few of these! They're the ones who never actually post anything, they just comment.
Interesting indeed. Sometimes I check my comments and I find that for some reason, several spammers constantly target a specific post of mine. It's not my top-rated or most-viewed post, just a random one.

As for non-spammers, I don't know of anyone spying on me...even my own family doesn't read my stuff, unlike in your situation, I see, and that is a mixed blessing.
For a small framed man you are pretty important to have these espionage agents on your puny back. Careful with that floor polishing machinery at the hospital Harry. There could be a whole suite of lektronic bugs there to report on your floir cleaning prowess to C.H.A.O.S. or S.P.E.C.T.R.E. HQ...wink
Harry, have you thought about calling the FBI?

(it is done all the time here on OS)
Larry, you look suspicious in those shades!
Doesn't look like anyone else has non-responsive, single faved followers?? Always someone trying to tear ya down...
There are so many, I lost track of them, cheshyre.
Reckon I have one too, M. Grin. Mine is Wei Liu, whose star rose in the east with an initial post concerning astrology. Presumably, Wei lives among the stars, as Wei lists no location. Thanks for the heads-up. As Wei watches me, so shall I be watching Wei. Oui, oui.