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JANUARY 2, 2011 11:19PM

I Remember the Green Hornet

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I was less than thrilled to watch the coming attraction of one of the newest comic book characters to make it to the theatre screen.  I can forgive them for trying to make it a comedy.  (I think the upcoming Green Lantern is going to be equally sorry.)  My real problem, however, is that there was an untouchable element in the Green Hornet that makes it a very difficult movie to produce.

The television series featured Bruce Lee as Kato.  

Most of us knew nothing about Bruce Lee before this… but we routinely tuned in to watch the Kato Show as we loved to call it.  My own faulty memory had the show running for several seasons, but in truth it only lasted for a single season.  There were also a few crossover episodes with Adam West’s Batman… but all of that is irrelevant.  Bruce Lee was the man.


How they could possibly expect to offer a viable Green Hornet with anyone other than Jet Li as Kato is beyond me.  (In fact, if you saw The Expendables fairly recently, you know that even Jet Li is no longer Jet Li.)

I don’t believe I will see this reincarnation of Green Hornet.      

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Harp! you're back, buddy! how did I miss that? Now gotta catch up on your posts. I've got no opinion on the Green Lantern or Jet Li - just wanted to say Hi ::wave::
Hey Gabby: As always having you here makes my day.

Joba: Bruce Lee was taking enhancement drugs?? I didn't know that. Was this a contributing factor in his death? Where have I been?