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FEBRUARY 17, 2012 11:18AM

travel poetry

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the first runo in english:


the destination



the heaven is pouring rain

on the dying fires of the hell

it is cold to wait

on the windy gates of the death


in finnish: 


melkein perillä


taivaalta lankeavat sateet

sammuttaa helvetin tulet

kuoleman tuulisilla porteilla

tulee kylmä



 the second runo:

 in finnish: 





olen matkalla  Pihtiputaalle

siellä minua odottaa 

räntäsade ja pellon reunassa mätänevä lato 


in english


On the road



i'm travelling to Pihtipudas

there a rotten barn

on abandoned fields 

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It's a nice thought, anxiously freezing your ass off waiting to get into Hell.
Thank you for your comment.

It is funny that you say that 'it's a nice thought'...

But I think that it is the way it goes. When you get older all your feelings, good and bad will get milder, the rain will kill the fires. I don't know it well it is just speculation. What do you think?
People age differently. Life is a series of hammer blows and whatever you start with must either withstand the punishment and be validated or get destroyed and people either rebuild themselves as time goes on in different ways or succumb. I cannot generalize about that.
I was 56 recently aka being 49 for the 8th time and spent a full ten minutes contemplating my navel - as we say in these here-----> parts.

Yes we do become milder and contemplative but also better planners (sometimes). We beauty where we wouldn't have done when younger and fear when we'd have been oblivious to it a few years back.

All in all Shit Happens then Evolves. SOme things we can change others give us heart attacks trying when 'logic' (I'll google that word later) would say drop it and don't waste your time.

For many years now I have believed that "CHance favours the prepared Mind, whilst ASsumption is the mother of all fuck_ups".

Good post by the way. "Press send and /r it please FRed(tm)."