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JULY 24, 2011 4:54PM

I'm living 'there'

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'oda7103sf' wrote commenting my post discussing Glenn Greenwald's article  'The Oslo attacks': 

"Have you been there?" 

And continued: 

"No-Go Zones all over Europe - 751 of them identified around Paris alone - as Muslims take over neighborhoods. ... Terror plots coming out of Europe's cities. Streets shut down on Friday's all around Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London for Islamic Friday prayers. Anti-Israel demonstrations with rabid "Death to Jews! Death to Israel!" chants from the ever increasing Islamists. The Saudis building mosques like crazy and the Ikhwan providing the radical imams for them as Muslim youth more and more becoming radicalized.

You're insane if you think Euros should be ignoring this."

I'm living in Finland. We have got our share of right wing politicians who are against immigrants and especially against Muslim immigrants even if the number of immigrants in Finland is very small. Many of our hard core right wing Christian Muslim-haters are as well strongly against left wing politicians and left wing youths.

Knowing about the recent school shootings in Finland and people who did them and getting to know about the similar ideologies of that Norwegian, who seems to be behind this very sad incident, we understand here in Finland that all what happened now in Norway could have happened in Finland.

I haven't lived all my life in Finland. I've spent about two and half years in Japan. I've been practising some time meditation in a Zen Buddhist monastery. I have spent totally more than one year in India, about the same time in Nepal.  Some time, years ago I was working in Pakistan with believing Muslims.  Some time I have been working in Vietnam, with people who have got no religion at all. 

The man who killed all those young people on the island of Utoeya said that he is a believing Christian. I'm happy to say that even if born as a Christian, I have not been a member of the Christian Church for tens of years. I'm not a member of any religious organization.


The article refered above:

The Oslo attacks
By Glenn Greenwald


Please read the comments concerning the article. 

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another good argument for democracy, but this guy would very likely form some 'reason' to kill anyway. clearly insane.
I admire your command of the language
Finland is amazing. In all kinds of ways. Thanks R