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APRIL 27, 2011 5:23PM

'autonomous risings'

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 1) From: 

David Bromwich:

The CIA, the Libyan Rebellion, and the President

 ... The upshot is this. An event that we Americans were led to believe was an autonomous rising on the model of Egypt turns out to have been deeply compromised from the start, and compromised by American meddling ...

2) From:

MARTHA RADDATZ (@martharaddatz) and KIRIT RADIA

Pentagon Confirms First Predator Drone Strike in Libya


Gates also went as far as anyone in the administration has gone so far in saying that the international mission in Libya is trying to get Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi removed from power. That, of course, is not part of the United Nations mandate which calls for steps to protect civilians, and the U.S. and others have tried to frame their actions in that context alone.

"Regime change was always a political goal. And I think that there was an understanding that regime change is complicated and that it works best when it's done from the inside, and that it could take time. And that's why the sanctions and the embargoes and everything are associated with that," Gates told reporters.

 "Regime change imposed from the outside, as we have seen in Iraq and in the Balkans, is incredibly difficult and works best, as we have seen in Tunisia and Egypt, when it is done from within. 1) And we are trying to provide enough space -- and in order to protect the opposition from Gadhafi's military, to the extent we can, we are reducing his military capabilities to the point where hopefully those who rose up in many of these other towns, as well as the places that are under siege now, will have a better chance of being successful in bringing about a change there," he added later.

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What I think: 

CIA was meddling inside (Tunisia and) Egypt, too.  It wasn't 'an autonomous rising' there either.

Obama's administration needs to do all this, because they ... 
want to get Iran, too... Gadhafi's military would be too dangerous during the time of the next big war...

"Regime change  from the inside" didn't work inside Iran. 







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I have seen indications that Qaddafi's removal was inspired by proposals he made to nationalize Liberian oil. It seems oil is the basis for most violent action in the area.
Thank you for your comment.

I agree. Gadhafi's (spelling?) early crime (= sin) was to nationalize oil. That was the original sin of the leader of Iraq, too.

there would be much demand for the oil, if Americans and Israel would attack Iran. Iran might close big oil routes, if it would be attacked. Many are thinking that American interests in Georgia were based on oil, too.