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FEBRUARY 5, 2010 1:15PM

Til We See Each Other For The First Time (to Safe Bet)

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As some of you may know, Safe Bet (Suzy) has passed away. Her wife, Amy, wrote about it today

I joined this community about a year ago, but I didn't really start connecting with Safe Bet until August. Her first post and introduction was in July 2009.

I was immediately attracted to her avatar, a rainbow rose. More than any photo, it showed the true beauty of Suzy. Suzy often wrote about politics, but you saw her raw passion when she wrote about her soulmate, Amy.

Okay, I have to stop writing about this now. I'm at work and this is just too hard for me. I'll continue over the weekend and post something on Monday.

 Amy, we're here for you. We'll be your shoulders.

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Suzy didn't much like me, or me her, but still this is terrible.
Awful. I didn't know her, but I'm still sad. I'll go back and read some of her posts. That's so eerie.
Well done. My throat hurts from the lump in it.
Wayne Gallant and now Suzy in two days. The losses are so very sad. We are a community that hears the pain and the intimacies, and we feel the losses in that light.
May they rest in peace.
That's so sad to hear. Thanks for letting me know.
so so sad & i loved your title gwen..its perfect.
It's days like this when you realize the strength of relationships that can be built by words alone.
Safe and I were like two people trying to get through the same door at the same time. She was opinionated and had conviction. I honor her and hope Amy and the kids can get through this terrible time!
Take your time, Gwen. All we can do is remember the ones that go before us. You don't need to be "good at this".

Hell, I sincerely hope none of us is ever good at this, if you know what I mean.
I have a hard time dealing with this news.
I hope Amy and the kids are holding up.
I can't stop the tears here.
just put me up there with Bill S ~ xoxo ~ big hugs my friend.
I admired her honesty and upfront persona. So very sorry to hear this sad news. r
I can't stand this right now. Can't talk about it.
That's very sweet of you. It is very sad! :(
All I can offer: ♥
I will miss her absurd sense of humor, which was frequently aimed in my general direction. This is how I will choose to remember her. This and her fierce loyalty. She was one helluva snarky broad and the world is a less amusing place for her departure.
I'm sorry that I never knew her. I wonder at how many others -- with great talent -- who have posted here have simply passed on without anyone knowing.
I just heard about this.
I'm shocked and very sad.
Yes please, do write more if you can.
I did not know or read her, but I am worry for you and all others who did. The stilling of a voice is not a happy thing.
This was the post from which I learned of her passing. I am still stunned...