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June 19
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SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 10:29AM

Love in San Francisco

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            Six years ago, I followed my heart to San Francisco. I had just graduated with an almost useless degree and spent the summer devouring Kurt Vonnegut and Sylvia Plath. I celebrated cherished friendships with all kinds of alcohol and late night ramblings. It was a Kerouacian summer. Then a few (of my very best) friends helped me move out to the City of Lights. It was just me and a couple of duffle bags. I had left a couple boxes of books with friends because I couldn’t take it with me. I didn’t have a job or much of a plan. I had a couch to sleep on and a whole beautiful city to drink in.


            Within a month I had an extremely stressful job at a grocery store pharmacy. I felt lucky to get it. It was decent money and I could get there by bus. The 27 bus to be exact.


            I loved San Francisco. I listened to the Postal Service and The Good Life on a loop. I got lost. I found things. I got more lost. I found myself. I got even more lost. But I always felt right at home.


            It was after work one afternoon in late September (I had been fighting off a cold and just wanted to get home) that I climbed on that 27 bus and saw him.


            He was beautiful. Sparkling blue eyes and a nicely shaped bald head. He reminded me of Lex Luther from Smallville. There was a prime empty seat right behind him. I figured I’d sit there and look at the back of his head. To my surprise, the handsome stranger started talking to me. “I like your shirt,” he said.


            I was wearing my Fraggle Rock t-shirt so I knew that he was at least a stalker with good taste. I saw that he had been writing something on a yellow notepad. Ah, a literary sort. We chatted for the entire trip until he had to get off. David gave me his email address (two of them), his website, and an assortment of other contact info so we could hang out some time.


            I was sure he was gay.


            The last guy that acted interested in me definitely was.


            I was in San Francisco, wasn’t I?


            After communicating via email a couple of times, I agreed to a sort of date. A chaperoned date. In fact, I had 1 or 2 best friends with us on our first two dates. I mean, I was a small town, Midwestern girl in the big city. I had to be careful.


I was hesitant about getting into a serious relationship. David (he’s Italian; have I mentioned that before?) on the other hand was relentless in his pursuit, but also understanding and patient. He waited for me to be ready.


christmas couple 

            We’ve been together for six years as of the end of September.


            David still says that he knew when we first met that we were meant to be together. But I had been skeptical.  


            Now after all this time, I think that the gods must have been smiling down on me that day on the 27 bus.


ice skating 

(me, with blond hair...I know, I know, what was I thinking?)


In celebration of this day, I’m come up with a few reasons of why I adore my husband.


~He has beautiful, expressive eyes. I know exactly what he’s feeling when I look into those eyes.


~He never gives up. Ever. He just works harder and harder. He has the highest standard for himself.


~He never forgets to put the seat down on the toilet. ;)


~He’s strong. Emotionally and physically. He practically moved us in to our Chicago apartment all by himself.


~He never says no to helping someone. Even if he doesn’t want to help or if it’s quite inconvenient, he always helps. There aren’t too many people that are like that.


~He sacrifices for me. Freely. I don’t ask him to do it. He puts me first. (And I put him first. So it’s kinda funny to watch.)


~He’s an avid reader. There’s a stack of six books next to his side of the bed. He’s reading all of them at the same time.


~He doesn’t let fear hold him back. He’s willing to take risks.


~He’s my best friend.


~He gets me and that’s just plain amazing. Nuff said.




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Where were you when I was single? oh yeah, you were an as yet unfinished egg. Nice work Gwen.
I love reading stories like this. You two look so happy in those pictures and that is hard to come by these days...hold onto that feeling.
Bob, Thanks! ;P

WalkAwayHappy, I am lucky. I really am. I never thought I'd find this.

Wally, I will hold onto this. One of the ways I do is to write about it. Then I can read it later on in life and remember how I felt at this moment.
You two make a beautiful couple. And I just loved this: "It was a Kerouacian summer."
David rocks it. And so do you. (Plath, Vonnegut and alcohol, oh my)
Congratulations to you both! You look marvelous - as individuals, and especially as a couple. There is something about finding true love . . . so very, very wonderful.
I'd say you are both very fortunate. A well told tale of love. Thanks for sharing!
Cartouche, oh, thank you! ;)

Stim, it was an ohmy! summer.

Owl, sometimes I still wonder does true love exist? And then I think about you and Raven...and I think about all that David forgives about me... and I think that that's got to be true love.

Procopius, thanks! We really like our story too. ;)
I love reading love stories, and the love here is leaping off the page. I tried to select one of those traits to highlight, but they're all so important (and some are very like my SU) that I couldn't just choose one.

I'm so happy for you both, Gwen. And he has a beautiful smile.
Gee, I spent a summer reading Vonnegut and Plath too, after getting a useless degree. Are we related?

Sweet story. R
(insert me grinning like a loon, here)
Ash, I'd love to hear about your love story.

John, it's quite possible that we're related. I use that term differently than some. I choose my relations. ;)
David, Happy Anniversary! You're my dream come true. Mwah!
Great post, and great reasons! Congratulations, happy anniversary!
Hey, me too! I have a worthless degree and another on its way! And I spent five years reading afterwards. Does this mean I found my family?
I am so happy for you! You guys are a cute couple. (I hope you kept that Fraggle Rock tee-shirt.)
Marcela, thanks! I think they're pretty good reasons too.

Shannon, anyone who reads and has useless but interesting degrees can be a part of this family.

Delia, of course I kept that t-shirt. I'm going to frame it one day. ;)
Great story! You guys are BOTH lucky to have each other!
on a BUS? the 27? are you even minimally aware of how amazingly, incredibly, one-star-in-the-universe-ally lucky you both are?? wow.

a wonderful story, delightfully told. and that's no surprise at all, of course.
From personal experience: nothing proves true, abiding love like moving your significant other into a Chicago apartment "single handedly"....great piece! Your husband sounds like a gem. You both are so very fortunate to have found each other......
Ahh, romance....what a great story, and well-told, of finding true love on the bus. I love it! Happy Anniversary, and many more. You guys are really cute together. Is that last a wedding photo?
not for nothing is it called by some (ok, by me) the cool, grey city of love.

great story; happy anniversary!
GBM, Chicago Guy, Thank You!!!

Femme, yes...we're are very aware of how seredipidous our meeting was.

Nelly, my husband is my superhero.

Nora, yes, that's our wedding photo. I will write about our wedding some time. It's quite a story.

Lonnie, I love that description. May I steal it? ;)
This is beautiful. I love reading stories about couples who are happy and found each other. They provide hope ;0)
...and do you ever look back and wonder, what if I had been running 15 minutes later...
I lied. I’m back. Or still here, rather. But I couldn’t resist “Kurt Vonnegut and Sylvia Plath.” And all the rest of this adorable post. Congratulations on six years of bliss, as well as your recent literary triumph!

Dorinda, thank you!

Fins, yes...I do wonder. But in SF if you're supposed to meet, you will.

LG, thank you!!!
Aw, love on the 27-Bryant! That's awesome.
Thank you, Mark. San Franciscans really understand the magic of meeting someone amazing on the bus. ;)
You guys really are way cute together, but in a cool and non-sickening kind of way, which I appreciate. Your post-useless-degree reading was better than mine: I mostly just read science fiction and mysteries.

And, always and forever, graffiti. Did you know you can't write a dissertation about graffiti? I do. Now.
This is so sweet. I am moving to SF soon and your story makes me so happy :-) Where is your book that I just read the review of?? Congrats! Was your "useless degree" an MFA?