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One of my favorite places to go is about 12 miles out in the Atlantic my little 20 ft. skiff. The clear water is a deep emerald color and the sunlight bounces around and shimmers randomly. I meet survivor sea turtles, bow-riding dolphin, silent sharks, giant rays rocketing out of the sea and backflipping, schools of porgies, sea robins, slashing blues and Spanish mackerel, the occasional whale, and stray birds. I love the quiet and solitude and vastness. I am a way too veteran educator - special education teacher, high school principal, college professor and some other fun waystops. A political junkie, a cowboy in a previous life, a lover of synchronicity in daily life...meditation and prayer, and a believer that the best days are still ahead. My plan is to finish strong. ************************************ I love following politics and current events, but they all take second place to watching a hockey game. I write occasional Op-Ed pieces - usually on educational issues. My two kids are the true loves of my life. ************************************

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FEBRUARY 25, 2009 1:06PM

Jindal's Rebuttal Speech Recycled Old NRA Speech (Video)

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There have been many posts, news stories and commentaries about the inane rebuttal speech last night by Bobby Jindal.  The story about the “sheriff and the boats and the federal bureaucrat” was one that he recycled from a speech he gave to the NRA nine months ago. One might think that he would have something “new” to say when he got this opportunity to speak to the entire nation, or that he might actually address the economic issues highlighted by President Obama, but I guess that’s too much to expect.


This video clip is him receiving the award just after a video had been shown to the audience (including Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck) about Katrina recovery failures due to governmental intervention.  It’s at the 3:35 mark where he tells the story of the sheriff and the boats and the bureaucrat.





 Bobby Jindal Accepting NRA Award  Nine Months Ago
The day after Jindal was elected governor he started talking about cleaning up Louisiana's  corrupt political image so that they could attract MORE FEDERAL DOLLARS for Katrina relief. OOPS!!
Hurricane Recovery 
He's never exactly been the freshest chip in the bag.  One way to clean up corruption was to double the pay of all state legislators.  Hmmmm...wonder why he might do something like that?
Jindal Ive Learned
Rather than allow federal money to help rebuild New Orleans, Bobby enlisted the famed "private sector." This is their first combination office tower, condominium, retail, and fantsy castle project.
What's Not To Like??? 
Bobby Jindal 

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Like Snagglepuss (or whas it) Daffy Duck said, "They're DITHPICCABLE!!"
i know little about louisiana politics but jindal seems a little slimey doesn't he? or, uh, i see you've noticed that, but i'm just sayin, yuck.
i'm starting to get that there's more than to the story than LA politics, something about a rebuttal of obama's speech from last night? i'll have to watch both obviously, but still, slime is the word that comes to mind.
This is being said with tongue planted firmly in cheek, when is the GOP going to end this failed experiment with people of color and go back to white guys who can turn this mess around?

Good catch on the NRA speech, Grif.
What a dick. All of them. Good detective work on the video- you should be on Rachel tonight with this!
Well said Grif. Love the last photo, classic. Rated
The legacy of the Kingfish lives on...
Brie – I think it was Daffy.

nana- you missed one pathetic Republican performance last night.

OE – don’t worry, Pawlenty, Romney and Gingrich have been smiling all day. MB mentioned this too in another post:

Glad you liked my detective work.

Jim –thanks.

MB – Rachael hasn’t called yet.

KofB – thanks. That last pic says it all.

Boaner – you gotta love Cajun politics.
Bobby Jindal couldn't sell a heater to an Eskimo. He's so sleazy that when he walks onto the lot of a used car dealership, the sales staff looks at each other and says, we need to get security to escort this sleazeball away from here before he leaves slime on our cars.
Hey Tony - Don't hold back. How do you really feel about Jindal?
We should throw a camisole on this guy and send to the Vatican for an exorcism.
Tony, the way I heard it, "He couldn't pimp a whore on a troop train through Siberia."
Bailey Wo - an exorcism - I want to be there. Nice to meet you
This was the best guy the Rupukes could come up with to rebut Obama's speech? Unbelievable.
Cap'n - thanks for coming by. A number of people are speculating that he was "selected on color" rather than ability, and in a sense set-up. MB posted on this earlier today.
i thought i was watching a preview for the sequal to Slumdog Millionaire.....i expected him to hold up an Oscar and thank the Academy....where do the political parties get these Bozos?
Oh God he hurts my brain. I'm accustomed to dirty politics (I'm from Texas by way of Colorado and New Mexico) but that was kindergarten compared to Louisiana. He's just a new color of GOP feeding us the same dang story all over again. Can't we please make him go away? He makes Huckabee look like an intellectual.
Michael – he is a total clown.

RenLady – making Huck look like an intellectual is pretty hard to do, and I think Jindal might be the one to do it.
Man that guy just seems like boredom personified. I gave up my Xanex and started watching this video for a good night's sleep.
Hey Beth,
He is so overrated. I enjoyed your list.