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Greg Correll
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September 21
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FEBRUARY 9, 2012 11:27PM

i am all here

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Who do I inhabit?


Am I a small Mis-step or

a god-almighty Quake,

reaching for a spoon?


Am I an inner tremble 

rising from deep in skin or 

a cataclysm under 

blooded rudderless sponge?


Am I essential tremor 

and ordinary collapse, interrupted by 

dinner, reproofs, soft words?




I am all here.


Dislocated in-place, OK. 

I am a blur in the fine print.

So what?

I hover in space. 

I know my approximate size now.

Do you know yours?

–so cool now, my un-specificity.


My right pinky can do 

what intent refuses 

side-to-side, metronomic 

–so cool now, my physique-ality,


I live: impossible movement.

I dance: triple-time, at the end of my limbs.

From the shoulder on out, I backbeat 

n'Miles would be down with my 

floundering forearm. 

His warm ruminative 

note to himself–followed by 

lovely blaat to you'ms –lovely blaat to you'ms... 

like that! See? I don't just jelly. 

I jam.

–so cool, my beat-icality.


Our almost eighteen 

jeenius youngest 

she says, she says to me, her twitchy pop:

I would so kick your ass at Tai Chi 

–a gift to the ages, this kid

–so cool, her wiseacre-ality.


I inhabit the border state 

an Edmund in a Trevor world 

a poindexter in motion 

against the still life.  

I know I'm going to fade. 

Three to eight years? No sweat.

Will I not write, and not forget?

–so cool, my perspire-acity.





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I wanted to be first so I rushed that comment. But I give you applause for your fan-tacity....
An incredible peek into your heart, where the jovial plays with the serious aspects of the onset... "A legend is an old man with a cane known for what he used to do. I’m still doing it" Miles Davis
Tai Chi and Miles. Cool~
Oh your in fine form and more...THX!
.........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Peace and ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥Have a Lovely Day ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥ (ツ)
Even at the late hour one finds Brando's notes toward the next three days, the sky yet a never mind, lesson of twice negativity, like thoughts of fearsome cats upon walls unseen, to sing oh yeah yeah
I know few who are as 'here' as you are in your words, Greg. r.
On my morning walk route, there is a woman with a tiny dog who views itself very big. It barks at dogs many times larger than itself, and walks with an aggressive, purposeful strutting step. People are like that dog, no idea of our size or our delicate life position, catching an occasional glimpse of the truth, which we bark away. I feel a vast amount of relief knowing my true size. Yip yip ;-)
Shutter speed fast or no image
We blur don't we?
Like the hummingbird's wing.
I dreamt last night I was given a terminal diagnosis; it's all cancer and M.S. around here all the time. I find myself calmly awaiting my own death. I thought our 50's were supposed to be a GOOD time? rated.
Cool, Greg. Cool Greg. Forever cool.
Wow. I think you should submit this to The New Yorker.
jewish head, catholic torso, buddhist heart, sufi arm, dervish hand
So beautiful and richly deserving of an EP, a very difficult thing to acquire for a poem. An amazing poem.
rated with love
You don't just jelly, you roll. I tip my hat to your "jeenius" - "I would so kick your ass at Tai Chi," - that's funny.
As my friend once said, "Homeslice be jammin' ."
deep curtsy to The man
So perfect in it's magnificen-cality
Your wiseacre wisdom is so bittersweet here. So very good.
A fine poem that makes me realize the tremors are temporal things that try to interrupt the thing that is already there. They are more or less pasted least as we see it, from a distance.

When we talked last week, I was so impressed with the way you have found the illness to be a doorway. An impressive obstacle that can either contain you, or open the way to other realms of awareness and creativity. You said you have some stuff to write, a book, or two, or three, or more...I believe you!
As you live and as you dance ... as you hear all ... that you hear ...
you ... open ... windows ... for us ... all ...
Dance on, inside and out.
-- so cool, your express-ability.
Yes you are. ALL here. Praise be to allah-cality.