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OCTOBER 14, 2011 10:44AM

Occupy Woodstock

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OK, so a lot of the demonstrators were from Woodstock, right next door. But we demonstrated in nearby Kingston, on our own actual Wall Street, in front of the Wells Fargo Office. Besides, Woodstock is already occupied, and for over forty years.

GreedIsNotGood Kingston, New York, is in Ulster County, in the beautiful Hudson Valley. We are a haven for artists, lefties, farmers, orchard-keepers, Manhattan weekenders, rock-climbers, and students. But few students were there today. (We expect more young people to come at our OWS rally on Saturday in my town, New Paltz, a SUNY town.)

CoddleSign This was the primary demographic today: middle-aged or older, but probably unable to retire. The Woodstock People, 60-something women with long grey hair and open faces, old men with beards and earth tone shirts. All had that certain air of lifelong progressive activism: keen eye contact, quick smiles, weary mien. Lots of hugs: most knew many.


We would seem the poster-child set for the Rushes and Hannities: "agitators", veterans of causes since the 60s. But almost all of us are business people, entrepreneurs, and overwhelmingly bourgeoisie and well-educated. Most of us are directly affected by the bad economy and unregulated, rapacious banking. And desperate to re-establish the opportunities and protections for our children and grandchildren. In other words, "despite" our leftist politics, we are hard-working, optimistic, ordinary, beleaguered, middle-class Americans.

police As usual, our superb local law enforcement were there. I can't say that enough: Ulster County law enforcement is professional, intelligent, fair, and a welcome presence everywhere they go. Another myth busted – defiant lawless dirty anarchist radicals my ass– and liberal Ulster lives the truth of our support of police every day.

FrackCorpsSign I went with my grown daughter Molly and my Buddhist friend Steve. On the way home I ranted about the one guy at the end who muddied the waters with his anti-fracking energy agenda, his anti-factual declarations about energy, his call to end all fossil fuels tech overnight, and his inane reference to Nazis. Steve – who is more patient with my know-it-all obsessive criticizing, my tendency to find the one hair in the soup kettle, than I deserve – reminded me that 99% of the speakers were on-message.


We all agreed. We are with that 99%, who spoke ferociously about our criminal banking system. Whether they know it yet or not, so are most Americans. If we stay on-message, they WILL know.

I wrote a piece about Banking, "Bartleby the Scrivener", "Ivan Ilych", and Gandhi ("Fixing the Banks with a Second Set of Books") for To help those who are bored by literature, I included a cool javascript accordion effect so readers can click to make the literature exegesis disappear, and skip right down to my Plan for Fixing Banking.

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Well. I did Occupy Woodstock, along w 600,ooo friends in mid-August, '69, tho, of course, it was Bethel. :)

This is wonderful, Greg. r.
Hi Jon: "Woodstock" has a long history of artful dislocation, so I take a liberty here. Woodstock is a state of mind, anyway. Tell the truth and shame the devil, I decided to use Woodstock to increase post traffic. I feel slightly ashamed. Also: kissing builds up the mouth!
Fantastic, Greg. Amazing how it's the old and the young uniting around this issue.
The encampment in NYC is entirely young who treat elders contemptuously. My young colleagues at the OWS Library dropped a book on my hand, asked me to take down blog posts, censored them, and then in a scandalous move tried to track down my social work license presumably to attack my livelihood. They censored the great resources I developed. These are fascists, people, at least in NY.

I can't bear to talk about it anymore. I have given and given and given and they have abused and abused and abused because I do not worship at the screne of their infinite wisdom. The more ignorant, most entitled kids I have ever seen are being glorified, while my brilliant daughters have never been interviewed by the press and these people demands why they aren't there.

The people who drop in after work are lovely. I hope and pray it is only New York that has the dredges. What kind of person thinks he has the constitutional right to freload. I think the cops this week have been saints by and large.
I admit I have been around too many brilliant young people to be able to stand, never mind, admire ignorant ones. The NY crowd refuses to listen to older people. I have never hated a group before, but I feel they are dooming the left.

I am never talking about those who work and come here, just those who feel they have the constitutional right to freeload on NYC indefinitely.
Thanks for this info. I'll send your post to a friend in Woodstock. And I Tweeted the sign about corps. being cancers not people.
Greg Oh How Horrible. ... ... ... The Woodstock promoters also of course knew they were in Bethel... ... ...and they also knew that Woodstock made millions think of Dylan & The Band. Talk abt false adverts!

So your dreadful fudging has noble roots.
Good reporting! Thank you for sharing. I was wondering if anything was going on in Woodstock. I went through the town in 1974, a few years after the concert, and was impressed with the town. Be sure to update us on what happens Saturday!
Thanks for your on-the-ground mythbusting observations. Those "53 percent" need to hear it.
Greg, the Wall Street of Kingston is a lot more user friendly than Manhattan's Wall Street. When I walked along Wall Street on Sunday most of the areas (except sidewalks) were cordoned off with metal barricades, even the steps of the old federal courthouse had been made off limits.
Greg: Sorry I missed you & Molly. I saw lots of people my age too, which, especially after reporting the Foley Square rally in NYC two weeks ago, did little to interest me.
While I know people my age are well-interntioned about such attending rallies and such, I can't help but feel that there are more important ways the bourgeosie can aid & abet: like with money. Otherwise, as I've said elsewhere, I feel its important for geezers to speak only if spoken to. Don't offer advice unless it's requested. "Our" protests are way different than these. This is a young people's movement. They need to make their own mistakes and above all to not follow geezers, watch the parking meters.

Come to think of it, there's more of a spirit of Woodstock to be found & felt in the Occupy movement than in any Mobilization or similar mass rally I ever attended. No leaders. No plans. No potties.
Enjoyed the post and the photos!
Great post, Greg. Can't wait to see what goes down in my city tomorrow...~r
If I was a big Wall Street deal maker and I was making millions of dollars and lived in a big fancy apartment and had lots of women and a boat and several houses ---and then I looked out my window and saw a bunch of hippies holding up signs that said that I should be nicer…

…Well, that would do it for me. I’d change my ways for sure and give up all that money.

Yes sir—this is going to work great!
Glad to see the "Woodstock" generation is still involved. As you say, "Woodstock" is a state of mind.
Most ironic -- if not disturbing -- thing I've read today? Bo Diddley Jr. (Ellas Anthony McDaniel) got arrested for taking part in the occupation of the Gainesville, Fla., plaza named for his father. Story's on Daily Kos, complete with a photo of BD Jr standing on a block with "Freedom of Speech" carved on it. I'd laugh ruefully if it wasn't so damned dispiriting.
great photos. I'm proud of the people participating.
Great piece Greg! Thanks for the photos too.

When your fans are through reading your "Fixing the Banks with a Second Set of Books" (which is another great piece) they should jump over to "The Woman Who Knew Too Much" in the latest Vanity Fair.

Elizabeth Warren is the one person in this country with enough junk yard dog in her to go toe-to-toe with Wall Street.
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!"
--sinclair louis

"One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas."
--victor hugo

occupy wall street, my speech to the masses
Great photography and comments. I am glad you got to go. Proud of your effort.
The experience of us few true Lefty's here in North Texas is one of being forced to become scrappy and willing to fight for what we believe in. Especially in cultural areas, Dallas has been a true fighter, a birthplace of a wonderful, rich, local avant-gaarde. I remember one friend fashioning a huge paper mache missile and pointing it at a gallery that was showing a "political art" group show. He wasn't invited. But his installation was the one to get in the paper. As he said of himself, we were all "Vladimir!"
Wonderful! hope grows. and the ulster county policeman who issued me a speeding ticket this weekend did so with a charming smile. (mine didn't work)
Ay Greg Correll. The Outspoken Folk are here in Canada. The Canadian take much credit (Naomi - and her writing in Vancouver?)
Humans get annoyed.
I was reading this morn.
The front page covers it.
It's prophetic. Justice cry.
Wall Strret be wise to listen.
Chane too. No rob others.
I was drafted into Vietnam when Woodstock happened. I recall folk telling me about Woodstock.
The Wall Street ilk freaked.
I knew one who got deferred.
His Pa got his son a GED 4-f.
$? A 4- F?
That was a draft deferment.
He went to Woodstock too.
He roll in fetal ball position.
He lay next to mud pudddle.
The Wall Streeter balled bah.
I was told he cried three days.
He went through therapy too.
He looked terrible after that.
Woodstock gave him measles?
It looked like facial chicken pox.
His face was all red-pot marked.
The real post-Woodstock reason?
The Wall Streeter had amany Panic attacks.
He had to relearn out to use a kitchen fork.
Thee red-blotches were Red-Fork-Marks.
The Wall streeters's son kept poking bad.
He could find his mouth with the fork.
He kept missing his Open Up Mouth.
With the fork he's stab. He missed.
He couldn't 'hit' his open mouth.
I wasn't there. I was in Vietnam.
We got red scars from bullets.
I am at the public library.
I am showing folk `round.
They heard Open Salon is`
nice . . .
I hope this goes.
I may call the Mounties.
The Mounty cops are nice.
Great post,Greg. Thanks
This was good. People used to seriously ask me if I was at Woodstock just because I'm the right age. I was in the middle of my internship in the Southwest at the time and didn't know there was a Woodstock. R