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Censorship - The Only Reason We Are Still Addicted To Oil!

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  No more oil company bondage!

Thorium Plasma Batteries and 927 other energy patents are being deliberately hidden from you. Here is how and why...

The official censorship begins here...

Technology censorship is not new. The famous J.P. Morgan is now known to have paid off American officials in the early 1900s to ensure that Marconi and not Tesla patents were recognized since Morgan abandoned Tesla in favor of Marconi and invested over $200,000 with the Italian.(a huge sum in those days). In reality Marconi used 17 of Tesla's patents which wer 5-7 years older than his own. After Marconi's patents expired, the Patent Office reversed their decision in favor of Tesla - 19 years later. As always, money talks in Washington.

These days however, the suppression is far more serious and sinister and the U.S. military and big oil companies have replaced J.P. and people like him. The new elite pull the strings at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for purely profit motives, even though the Pentagon will conveniently cite "National Security Interests".  Here is How they control the technology censorship:

The smoking gun is in these links...




To understand WHY Uncle Sam prefers to keep us addicted on oil you need to understand two key things;

A.   About 40% of the federal and state government's operating capital come directly from fuel taxes and the the higher the pump prices, the more money is available for their pork barrel projects.

B.  As President Eisenhauser warned us in the the 1950s, America now has two governments - the one we see on TV and in newspapers as represented  by the President and members of Congress, and the Shadow government we never see.  Who is the shadow government?  Take a look at the Bilderberg Group, Halliburton, The Carlye Group and the Royal Family-and all those now contributing to "Super Pacs".  The wealthy elite control our Shadow government and the CIA, Pentagon, and key members of our government protect their financial interests - not ours. For them, it is far more profitable that we remain tethered to oil and internal combustion engines for as long as possible. And because of A above, there are not many Congressman Kuciniches around to raise any fuss. And those that do (Like Senator John Towers) have convenient accidents.

Likewise, genius inventors who devise free energy devices like Stanley Meyers who invented a car in the 1970s that ran for months only on water, and Rory Johnson who developed a magnetron engine that would save millions of dollars for Greyhound Bus Lines, were first threatened, bribed, and ultimately killed with timely and convenient accidents, just like Aries M. DeGeus, the original inventor of the plasma energy battery. Google their stories and you will be more than shocked.  Just look here at what happened to the four men who each designed or refined the Plasma Battery invention...


The murders are not isolated in America as you can see from these two links...



The pattern seems to be the same for over 50 years... First try to buy out the inventor to safely lock their invention away in a closet. If that fails go to plan B - intimidate them and their family with death threats. If Plan A and B both fail, Plan C usually involves smearing them with phony criminal charges, or law suits that will drain them financially as well. And if all else fails, murder disguised as an accident or suicide is the last resort.   Here are more secrets of the U.S. Patent Office exposed:


 Unfortunately Uncle Sam writes his own laws and here is one of three that gives any government agency the right to suppress technology:


The other two laws are the National Security Act and the Patriot Act, which, since it's imposition, has proven itself to be the classic textbook example of an oxymoron.

When you have more money than God you can buy and publish any story you like in the newspaper or magazine of your choice these days.

The truth is that as you read these words, Uncle Sam already has the technology to eliminate every gas station and coal plant in America!

Only when the sheeple grow a spine and reconvert to "We The People" and demand technology that is rightfully owned by the world, can we make the switch to clean green nuclear plasma batteries that have been hidden from us since 2004 vut which ar ebeing used on a daily basis by the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and NASA.  Read the details at these links:



Until we are respected again as real "citizens" and not just consumers who are milked like cattle for profits, we will continue to only have access to fossil fuels.  Today we are still "Voters" but with recent Supreme Court ruling authorizing secret "Super PACs" we will soon lose this right as well. Wake up sheeple and resist the economic oppression being imposed upon us before we pass the point of no return.

Wake up sheeple!

 What can YOU do?  Plenty. Start by sending this link to everyone you know, your Congressman, Senator, and local radio talk shows and TV stations.  Remember the old saying, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." If you make no noise and keep your complaints at your own dinner table, the status quo shall prevail - at your expense. There is still strenght in numbers and a national boycott at the gas pumps would send a very powerful signal. Its not your voice but what is in your wallet that counts the most. Please use both wisely and for our common good as world citizens.

The root of all evil...


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UPDATE: Even a handful of U.S. Senators and A U.S. Army Colonel (Tom Bearden) are helpless to stop the technology suppression as you can see from this link.


Who is more powerful than a U.S. senator and a Army Colonel? Fill in the following blanks and you will have your answer...

1. George W. Bush, Richard Cheny, and Condoleeza Rice all had multi-million dollar investments and executive positions in the ____industry.

2. The _____industry expnds over $70 million a year on lobbyists in Washington.

3. The_____industry has annual gross revenues of over $600 Billion USD every year of which about $400 Billion are profits.

4. The _____industry would lose 85% of the above profits if plasma batteries were installed in every car, truck, bus, boat, ship, in the world within 1 year.

5. The oil ____industry lobbied hardest and longest for the creation of "SuperPacs".

Now do you understand whose interests are really being protected and defended in Washington?
SECOND UPDATE: We recently received reports that another 13 internet links from the internet have become disabled or deleted in addition to the 12 links that were known to have been removed from the www.osti.gov site in 2010. Below are some of the links that have recently vanished.








I suppose some people are more easily intimidated than others. For more details related to Censorship of this subject you can visit:


UPDATE NO. 3 - We just receive dthis link which clearly speaks for itself: http://now-you-know-the-truth.blogspot.com/